Satesh Lutchman
Management Trainee, ANSA Motors

“The business side is only one aspect to this fantastic talent development drive. The amazing and friendly people is the other.”

After completing my tertiary education, it was only natural that the next step in my career path be the ANSA McAL Champions Leadership programme. The programme boasted a well-structured journey throughout two years from university graduate to executive management and its dynamic entrepreneurial atmosphere further heightened my desire to be part of this amazing opportunity.

The Champions programme with its wide reach across all the different departments of a subsidiary would allow me to enhance both my managerial and technical skills and prepare me to lead my very own group and division one day.

I have been placed at ANSA Motors, working in the compliance department for the next two months and I have already been assigned several critical assignments.

The business side is only one aspect to this fantastic talent development drive, the amazing and friendly people is the other. We at ANSA Motors are truly a family. I have been able to experience the love, loyalty and responsibilities associated with the closeness of a family and they have made my initial experience truly wonderful.

I hope to improve the company as I work through the various departments and contribute positively and constructively, based on both my past experiences and education and what I would be taught during my rotations. It’s my hope to become a leader at ANSA McAL and be integral to the continued success of the group after my training.