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Position: Business Analyst

Location: Champs Fleur / Trinidad and Tobago

Company: CARIB Brewery


Job Summary:

This position is fundamental in driving the new business growth opportunities that fuels the Beverage Sector’s Goal of doubling its Economic Value in five years.

The role supports the pursuit of both Organic Growth projects including Innovation, Renovation, Greenfields and Brownfields alongside Inorganic Growth such as Acquisitions, Licenses and Strategic Partnership Ventures.

The incumbent will be responsible for supporting Senior Management and Executives in sourcing, approving, managing and executing capital investment projects.

The role requires a cross functional collaboration between members of the finance, marketing, and executive team

The role offers a potential path to becoming a future manager in commercial, finance or business development.


Job Description:

  • Work extensively and directly with Sector Heads, Managing Directors and Strategic Partnerships and Innovation Manager to drive new business development initiatives.
  • Collaborate with all business development and innovation individuals/teams/departments on the analysis and evaluation of all business opportunities.
  • Determine economic feasibility of various strategic alternatives through financial modeling.
  • Conduct risk analysis and prepare relevant reports.
  • Conduct details feasibility studies for the evaluation of various opportunities
  • Assist with the development and implementation of processes for new business across multiple departments.
  • Compile, extract, manipulate, review and analyze complex data to formulate actionable conclusions.
  • Collect, monitor and disseminate market intelligence.
  • Prepare relevant reports to the Executive on the status of, and expenditure related to, current and potential business initiatives.
  • Establish strong relationships with key Business Partners to drive performance and growth
  • Work cross-functionally with Marketing, Legal, Finance, Supply and other internal teams to shape, support, and manage partnerships
  • Performs any other related duties required by the job function.


Required Competencies:

  • ANALYTICAL THINKING -The ability to comprehend a situation by breaking it down into its components and identifying key or underlying complex issues.
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL – Thoroughness in accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small. Monitors and checks work or information and plans and organizes time and resources efficiently.
  • COLLOBORATION/TEAMWORK – Develops cooperation and teamwork while participating in a group, working toward solutions which generally benefit all involved parties.
  • COMMUNICATION: OPEN – Creates an atmosphere in which timely and high- quality information flows smoothly up and down, inside and outside; encourages open expression of ideas and opinions.
  • COMMUNICATION: ORAL and WRITTEN – Effectively transfers thoughts and expresses ideas orally or verbally in individual or group situations. Communicates complex business issues in a clear and concise manner.
  • CONTINOUS LEARNING – Demonstrates eagerness to acquire necessary technical knowledge, skills, and judgment to accomplish a result or to serve a customer’s needs effectively.
  • TECHNICAL EXPERTISE – Applies and improves extensive or in-depth specialized knowledge, skills and judgment to accomplish a result or to accomplish one’s job effectively.
  • PLANNING & ORGANIZING/TIME MAMAGEMENT – Establishes a systematic course of action for self or others to ensure accomplishment of a specific objective. Honors priorities, goals, and timetables to achieve maximum productivity not just as an individual contributor but across the entire project team.


Required Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies, Finance or a related field
  2. At least Four (4) years’ experience in similar job function.

How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Do you have a Bacehlor's Degree in Management Studies, Finance or a related field? - Do you have at least 4 years' experience in a similar job function?