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Position: Champions Development Programme

Location:  / Trinidad and Tobago

Programme Description:

Champions is a 24-month rotational programme aimed at converting our Country\\\’s most ambitious and high-performing graduates into our future Executives. Candidates will be immersed in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment where they will be expected to deliver results and progress swiftly. Champions is carefully structured to optimise professional exposure, deepen technical expertise, and cultivate leadership competence. Successful applicants will be immediately assigned to strategic projects under the guidance of a mentor selected from the Group\\\’s Senior Executives. Effective completion of the programme will lead to placement in a critical role with significant earning potential and further opportunities for exceptional career growth.


Programme Requirements:

  • Bachelor\\\’s or Master\\\’s Degree in Finance, Engineering, Human Resources or Business Management.
  • First or Upper Second Class honours.
  • No more than one year\\\’s working experience.
  • Internships while studying will be an asset.
  • Essays on the topics below.

In order to apply for this programme, you must complete three essays based on the topics provided below. Questions one and two are compulsory, and for the third question – you must choose from a pool of questions.

Please submit these essays along with your resume when applying.


Essay questions:

#1) What sets you apart from other graduates and why do you think you are a good fit for this program? (Max 350 words)

#2) Describe an incident in which you made a mistake, what you did to fix that mistake and what you learned from it. (Max 400 words)

#3) Choose 1 of the following questions (max 750 words)

  • Why is Corporate Governance so important to a large conglomerate such as ANSA McAL? Does corporate governance create too much bureaucracy which impedes profitability?
  • What do you think are the key challenges and opportunities for businesses during this time of COVID-19? What strategies do you think they should implement to ensure continuity within their respective industries? (Please give examples)
  • What are the major commercial issues surrounding the Distribution Sector in Trinidad and what are your suggestions for meeting these challenges?
  • What is your view on the current state of the economy in Guyana given the recent discovery of oil and the drastic reduction in oil prices? How can a Group such as ANSA McAL position themselves to take advantage of this?

NOVEMBER 20, 2020

How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Did you complete the three essays listed in the Programme Description? - Did you attach your essay questions answers to your resume? - Do you have a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Finance, Engineering, Human Resources or Business Management WITH First or Upper Second Class Honours? - Do you have one year's working experience or less? - Did you complete any internships while studying?