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Position: Front End Loader Operator

Location:  / Trinidad and Tobago

Company – ABEL Building Solutions – BESTCRETE Division

Job Summary: The Front End Loader Operator will be responsible for the Safe, efficient and effective operations whilst transporting, loading and stock piling of raw materials in designated areas.

Job Description:

  • Operate the Front End Loaders effectively and efficiently with due course and attention for the protection of the units and safety of other employees.
  • Load all aggregates: Sharp Sand, Gravel and Limestone, via the raw Material Hopper and Radial Stacker, into the designated bins.
  • Operate the Raw Material Hopper and Radial Stacker controls in a safe and efficient manner when loading and transporting raw materials into the aggregate bins whilst ensuring that materials do not run out.
  • Ensure that the most suitable materials in terms of cleanliness and moisture, as recommended by Quality Control, are accepted and loaded into the aggregate bins.
  • Stockpile incoming raw materials in designated areas in such a way to ensure proper access for loading and to enable efficient drying.
  • Do Preventative Maintenance checks on Front End Loaders as per program and fill out relevant forms indicating all defects on the unit.
  • Ensure that the yard areas are clean and transport all waste and raw materials spilled back to the designed areas.
  • Ensure proper safety and housekeeping practices while executing duties to achieve 0% loss time due to accidents.
  • To perform other related duties, as may, from time to time, be allocated to him by his Supervisor or the person in charge.


  • 3 years working experience operating heavy equipment.
  • 2 O’Level (Mathematics and English ‘A’)
  • Trinidad and Tobago National Driver’s License
  • Front End Loader license

How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Do you have three years working experience operating heavy equipment? - Do you have two (Mathematics and English ‘A’)? - Are you the holder of a Trinidad and Tobago National Driver’s License? - Do you have a Front End Loader license?