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Position: Supply Chain Manager

Location: Champ Fleur / Trinidad and Tobago

Company: Carib Glass (ANSA Pack)

Job Summary: The Supply Chain department comprises Purchasing, Customs & Export and Warehousing, Inventory and Stores units. The department creates a synergy between internal and external stakeholders to efficiently and effectively manage the full spectrum of supply chain functions, including but not limited to inbound and outbound logistics, purchasing and procurement, inventory management and warehousing.

Job Description: The Supply Chain Manager ensures that all systems, protocols and processes within the supply chain framework and cycle are effectively and efficiently managed. The incumbent must ensure finished goods are transported and transferred to customers and external locations within established timeframes and quality standards, efficient and cost-optimal procurement of goods and services, vendor/supplier management including negotiations, introduce and continuously improve inventory control measures, maintain the optimal warehouse layout plan requirements, perform demand, supply and production forecasting and planning, manage the accuracy of inputs and outputs of the computerized inventory system, and manage scheduling and logistics for all raw materials and finished products of the Company, resulting in consistent, efficient service to all user departments.

  • Overseas the operations of the purchasing and procurement team insuring that international and regional/local orders are accurately recorded and requisite raw materials are purchased to meet requirements.
  • Ensure all warehouses employ good manufacturing storage practices and follow documented procedures to achieve warehousing objectives and operational efficiency standards.
  • Monitor flow/movement of procured items including raw material, consumables and finished goods and establishes strategy for reduction.
  • Develop, maintain & grow all internal and external network of partnerships needed to support vendor, customer and product set-up efforts.
  • Negotiate terms and conditions to reduce purchasing costs, shipping and freight costs, tariffs and customs/export duties etc.
  • Prepare and implement required policy and procedures manuals to govern warehouse layout systems effectively and efficiently, inventory control systems, packaging analysis systems, forecasting systems, scheduling systems, warehouse transportation system.
  • Ensures all Warehouses and Inventory areas are well organized through developing and implementing an inventory rotation and tracking system to streamline consistency of supplies, that safeguard the proper filing and retrieval of stock information, purchase orders and delivery notes.
  • Reviews and determines the optimal warehouse layout plan required, ensuring the efficient use of storage areas (internal and external or satellite locations) based on type of items and activity to space ratio.
  • Coordinates the Department’s participation within periodic and year end stock counts, ensuring the proper management Warehouses and Packaging Stores, in a manner that provides easy access to their contents, through categorizing and storing similar items together, to facilitate efficient count and tabulation results.
  • Inbound Logistics: Manage the efficient importation and shipping of consumable, goods, raw materials, consumables and other company assets. Ensure the customs, haulage and transfers are completed within expected timeframes and within budget.
  • Outbound Logistics: Manage the dispatch of all finished goods (local sales and exports), and other inventory to customers within established delivery timeframes and ensure total compliance with customer product packaging, the Company’s Quality Management System and Health and Safety policies.



  •  Undergraduate degree
    • Exceptional knowledge in Supply Chain management, leading Distribution and Logistics operations.
    • Relevant professional qualification preferred (i.e. MCIPS, APICS or other professional certifications).
    • Must be knowledgeable of key supply chain/logistics processes & current best practices.
    • Minimum of five (5) years’ strategic management experience in supply chain, logistics and warehousing

How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Do you have an Undergraduate degree? - Do you have exceptional knowledge in Supply Chain management, leading Distribution and Logistics operations? - Do you have relevant professional qualification preferred (i.e. MCIPS, APICS or other professional certifications)?