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Position: Reinsurance Administrator II

Location:  / Trinidad and Tobago

Company: TATIL Life Assurance Ltd.

Job Summary:

  • Responsible for the administration of reinsurance treaties for Individual and Group Business within authorized limits. Maintains records and ensures compliance and regulations with CBTT. Ensures timely accounting, reporting and auditing.
  • Researches and analyzes reinsurance prices and specifications. Liaises directly with the reinsurers to resolve any outstanding queries.
  • Performs any business analyst function related to continuous improvement in the Reinsurance Administrative process for Life and Group Business.

Job Description:

  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the Company’s products and procedures, and a good understanding of industry regulations and compliance.
  • Confirms the applicability of Reinsurance on insurance risk recognizing policy coverages and appropriate retention limits. Protecting the coverage rights of the company.
  • Cedes the risk to the reinsurer according to the limits (auto or Facultative).
  • Assist in the upgrade with Reinsurer to improve administrative process to maintain currency in the reinsurance process.
  • Supports the Billing process by validating the accuracy of reinsurance billings and promoting prompt payment and collections.
  • Verifying of premiums for all policies submitted for reinsurance from new business, contractual changes and termination.
  • Reconciliation of reinsurance treaties ensuring that all policies submitted to the Reinsurer are included in each monthly statement.
  • Liaises with Reinsurers on queries related to Reinsured policies.
  • Monitors the reinsurance for Group and Life Claim analysis process. Serves as a resource for the Claim Administrator in the interpretation and applicability of reinsurance Treaties, Facultative Certificates, retrocessional or insurance contracts regarding payment, collection and reserve issues that arise.
  • Regulatory compliance under CBTT, Group Internal Audit, external audit and other compliance and regulation.
  • Submission of reports to the reinsurer
  • Continuous review and assessment of the reinsurance portfolio in line with policy Issues, claims and Treaty standards.
  • Provide information and recommendations pertinent to reinsurance decisions.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor degree in Business studies, Mathematics, Accounts Actuarial Science, Economics or related field an asset
  • Professional Insurance qualifications such as LOMA – Reinsurance, ALMI
  • Minimum of (2) year experience in Reinsurance and Three (3) years in Life Insurance or strong working experience.
  • Technical knowledge of underwriting and the Insurance Industry relating to theories and practices.
  • Sound knowledge of Reinsurance



How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Do you have a Bachelor's degree in Business studies, Mathematics, Accounts Actuarial Science, Economics or related field an asset? - Do you have any Professional Insurance qualifications such as LOMA - Reinsurance, ALMI? - Do you have a minimum of two (2) years experience in Reinsurance and three (3) years in Life Insurance?