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Position: Business Development Manager

Location:  / Trinidad and Tobago

Company: Alstons Marketing Company Ltd.

Job Summary:

To develop and implement strategies, programmes and procedures to drive the market growth of a portfolio of brands including but not limited to: product distribution, advertising and promotion, market research etc.

Job Description:

  • Determine and manage the marketing budget and deliver marketing activity within agreed budget
  • Ensure development and implementation of Marketing and A&P plans for all products under portfolio
  • Ensure that the Marketing Plans are effective in that they result in Sales and G.P. Budgets being achieved and A&P Budgets well managed
  • Ensure that the specific objectives for each brand within the portfolio are achieved
  • Actively seek out new business through the addition of new brands, as well as new opportunities within the current portfolio
  • Manage and co-ordinate all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities
  • Manage the product ordering process to ensure product availability at the right price
  • Conduct market research to determine market requirements for existing and future products, analysis of customer research, current market conditions and competitor information
  • Monitor, review and report on all marketing activity and results
  • Maintain receivables as outlined by company policy
  • Maintain effective relationships with suppliers, customers and advertising agencies
  • Ensure that customer feedback in utilized
  • Maintain optimum stock levels to maximize sales and reduce carrying cost
  • Ensure the appropriate selection, termination and professional development of assigned staff
  • Manage, motivate, monitor and evaluate the performance of direct reports and liaise with sales and merchandising teams
  • Manage team to ensure continuous improvement in quality and expertise over time
  • Provide advice, guidance, coaching and direction to team members
  • Conduct performance appraisals of team members in accordance with policies and procedures
  • Maintain a harmonious work environment and ensure team members comply with safety regulations
  • Performs other duties of a similar nature or level

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferably Marketing or Management related)
  • Preferably a Post Graduate degree (MBA)
  • Competent in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • A good understanding of financial management and budgetary control
  • At least 5-7 years experience in marketing management
  • Experience with product launches
  • Must be a self starter who can work both independently and within a team

Technical & Behavioural Characteristics:

  • Market Research and Analysis: Collecting and analyzing relevant market data to inform the organization’s marketing strategy. Market data includes customer, company, competitor, industry and stakeholder analyses.
  • Competitive Knowledge: Anticipates future competition and develops/implements a strategy to minimize its impact.
  • Industry Knowledge: Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of all related industries and detailed understanding of current and future industry trends.
  • Customer Service Management – Ability to handle a full range of customer situations and interactions
  • Strategic Thinking – Conducts ongoing risk analysis, recognizing strategic opportunities for success as well as potential risks, and adeptly shifts orientation to deal with them.
  • Adaptability: Adjusts broad/macro organizational strategies, directions, priorities, structures and processes to changing needs in the environment.
  • Analytical Thinking: Draws logical conclusions based on in-depth analysis of information.
  • Excellent Communication Skills (written &verbal)
  • Excellent Presentation Skills
  • Proactive personality
  • Ability to build talent
  • Networking abilities
  • Excellent Negotiation Skills
  • Results oriented
  • High Emotional Intelligence

How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Do you have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or Management or a related field? - Do you have a Post Graduate Degree(MBA)? - Do you have at least 5-7 years experience in marketing management?