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Position: Group CX System Administration & Insights Manager

Location:  / Trinidad and Tobago

Company: ANSA McAL Group Of Companies 

Job Summary:

  • Provide best practice guidance in designing, building, launching and analysing Customer Insights.
  •  Responsible for the utilisation and configuration of the CX VoC (Voice of the Customer) Insights Platform in the execution of Insights, analysis and (Dashboard) reporting.
  •  Develop data blueprints to ensure optimum richness of insights; guide & assist Sectors & Business Units to ensure data integrity and collection efficacy.
  • Co-ordinates with Sector IT & external software representatives to increase integration of source data between ERP and the feedback platform.
  • Primary contact with CX Software provider; optimises use of tool by mastery of software capabilities and application of CX best practice.
  •  Primary liaison with Sector CX Champions & CX Business Unit Advocates in the development of Insights.
  • Develop reports, dashboards and customer insights that assist Sectors and Business Units to track and manage strategic Customer Centricity objectives and achievements including EoDB (Customer Effort Score)
  •  Provide administrative support for the Customer Experience Programme and the development of Customer Centricity.

Job Description:

  • Manages and ensures User Protocols/Access rights are communicated and upheld to assist in maintaining data integrity and Insight Quality.
  •  Assists in development of customised analysis and business insights which help to measure & develop Customer Centricity, Customer Experience Excellence & Customer Effort Score (EoDB) across the Group.
  • Develops, tests and implements ERP integration opportunities between data sources and feedback software.
  • Assists stakeholders in identifying CX Excellence behaviours & flags customer compliments for recognition at Sector/Business Unit Level.
  •  Monitors & reports on manual customer data uploads according to agreed schedules.
  • Participates & assists in Customer Journey Mapping exercises.
  • Develops & guides Insight creation & configuration -according to Customer Journey.
  •  Researches industries to deepen understanding of Moments of Truth for sectors/journeys/experience • Assists Sector Champions & Advocates in reporting on Customer Experience with rich insights using filters to drill down to deepen understanding.
  • Monitors and reports on VoC implementation, raising issues to Group Head of Customer Experience for quick and effective resolution.
  • Ensures ACTIONABLE feedback criteria are agreed and can be channeled to the appropriate stakeholders to support Close the Loop protocols.
  • Sets up & configures known customer data (attributes/filters/values) in the CX VoC platform based on data labels available to provide richest & most helpful view
  • Develops & maintains customer data label ‘bibles’ for each customer journey insight
  • Formats Insights in preparation for feedback collection by invitation or open source.
  • Guides data cleaning & preparation for upload of transactional & relationship data from various Business Units.
  • Provides CX feedback platform expertise to CX Champions & Advocates across the group.
  •  Helps define & communicate Moments of Truth, Key Weaknesses & Key Drivers of Customer Satisfaction and CX Excellence.
  • Promotes teamwork and interdepartmental collaboration in support of internal and external Customer Centricity.
  • Identify best practices & those who generate them; recommends integrating them into processes.
  • Stay updated on topics related to the position.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or another relevant field


  • Three plus years related work experience within Customer Experience, some of which can be at a Service Management or Senior Customer Service role.
  • Comprehensive experience understanding customer experience analytics.
  • Demonstrated experience in transforming raw data into meaningful information.
  • Preferred- Experience/familiarity with digital and/or mobile products.
  • Analytical thinker with strong data analysis skills (Excel, Power BI. Tableau) and the ability to think systematically.


How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Do you have a Bachelor’s degree in Business or another relevant field? - Do you have three plus years related work experience within Customer Experience, some of which can be at a Service Management or Senior Customer Service role? - Do you have strong data analysis skills (Excel, Power BI. Tableau) and the ability to think systematically?