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Position: HR Project Coordinator

Location: Port of Spain / Trinidad and Tobago

Job Summary

The HR Project Coordinator supports the project team in all project activities with a focus on data management, involving maintenance of the listing of job titles and the repository of job descriptions. Other activities may include planning, executing and monitoring project activities, tracking deliverables, facilitating project meetings, and providing status reports.


Digital Literacy (Level 2)
Engaging with digital technologies to accomplish goals and solve challenges in the workplace.
Uses digital technologies for well-defined tasks.
  • Uses a combination of strategies to find information online.
  • Uses digital tools to improve the efficiency in conducting routine tasks, such as managing documents and handling emails.
  • Creates digital content in common formats to share information or opinion, abiding by copyright or licensing rules when using digital information/content.
  • Selects the appropriate measures for protecting devices and digital assets.
  • Conducts basic trouble shooting¬† by utilizing help functions, web searches, or forums.


Attention to Detail (Level 3)
Working in a conscientious, consistent and thorough manner.
Monitors and verifies the work of others for accuracy and completeness
  • Identifies multiple sources/approaches of information to ensure that details are addressed.
  • Reviews the work of others for accuracy and thoroughness.
  • Follows up to ensure tasks are completed and commitments are met by others.
  • Verifies that work has been done according to procedures and standards.


Analytical Thinking (Level 2)
Analyzing and synthesizing information to understand issues, identify options, and support sound decision making.
Identifies critical relationships in information
  • Identifies critical connections and patterns in information/data.
  • Draws logical conclusions based on in-depth analysis of information.
  • Recognizes causes and consequences of actions and events that are not readily apparent.
  • Anticipates obstacles considering next steps.


Planning and Organizing (Level 1)
Making and executing plans to reach goals supporting organizational success.
Plans and organizes own activities
  • Plans own activities according to pre-determined standards or procedures.
  • Monitors the quality and timeliness of own work.
  • Seeks clarity on priorities as needed.
  • Uses the resources at one’s immediate disposal as planned.


Quality Focus (Level 1)
Following procedures, ensuring high quality output, taking action to solve quality problems or notifying others of quality issues.
Meets quality standards set by organization
  • Describes the quality standards set by the organization.
  • Follows the policies and procedures for quality set by the organization.
  • Works at a level that typically meets quality standards set by the organization.


Achievement Orientation (Level 1)
Focusing efforts on achieving high quality results consistent that meet or exceed standard expectations.
Meets standard expectations
  • Describes pre-determined standards.
  • Follows through on commitments to others, delivering work assignments on time.
  • Compares own work against standards on a continual basis.


Collaborating with Others (Level 2)
Working together with others in a cooperative and supportive manner to achieve shared goals.
Proactively assists and involves others
  • Initiates collaboration with others.
  • Assumes additional responsibilities to facilitate the achievement of team goals.
  • Seeks input from others on matters that affect them.
  • Anticipates when others might require assistance, providing it before they ask for it.


  • Support the collection, cleaning and management of data
  • Conduct data validation checks and data cleaning processes
  • Document data quality issues
  • Maintain historical records of data including regular back-ups
  • Track progress on all data sets
  • Support the project team in routine reporting
  • Support the project team in planning, executing and monitoring project activities
  • Assist with any other HR duties



  • Bachelor’s degree


  • Two (2) years’ relevant work experience

How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Do you have at least two years of experience in HR? - Are you comfortable using Excel features such as pivot tables, data validation, conditional formatting, and a range of formulas?