Applying job

Position: Assistant Buyer

Location:  / Barbados

Company:  Brydens Xpress, Barbados

Job Summary: You will be required to work in the warehouse with our warehouse staff to check stock levels and to verify correct quantities on incoming shipments. A major tool of your job will be the software we use to run our business, our Costing Spreadsheets and our Inventory Control program. These are of great importance to the daily operations of the company and as such you must become fully proficient with the software.

Job Description:

  • Ensure the company always has adequate stock levels to support our sales efforts
  • Assist with the ordering of inventory and verify accuracy of all orders before sending
  • Negotiate pricing from suppliers with the objective of maintaining or growing our profit margin
  • Arrange expeditious shipping and Customs clearance
  • Check back the count and accuracy of shipments as they arrive
  • Assist in the updating of our website and social media sites; email sales and marketing campaigns
  • Assist with (including picture taking, layouts, description and pricing) our Sales Catalogue
  • Interact with all other staff members in a friendly and positive manner
  • Use the company’s computer system to enter and retrieve data as required
  • Produce monthly reports required by management
  • Learn the products that we carry and the demands of customers to facilitate better purchasing
  • Learn to make ink stamps and to assist in the production for customers
  • Participate in the annual stock taking exercise


How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Do you have 5 Ordinary Level Passes including Mathematics and English?