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Position: Logistics Manager

Location: Chaguanas / Trinidad and Tobago

COMPANY: Standard Distributors Limited


The Logistics Manager manages the logistics team and ensures that they have the tools and resources needed to ensure successful implementation of logistic plans. They are responsible for preparing the logistics budget and looking for opportunities to optimize logistics costs.



Logistics and Transportation Management (Level 4)

Determining and managing logistics and transportation activities to maximize contribution to organizational effectiveness.

Applies the competency in new or complex situations and advises others.

  • Decides and implements the optimal transportation strategy considering value for money and sustainability.
  • Reviews proposed new or revised acquisition policies and procedures to identify issues with and requirements for logistics operations.
  • Develops storage strategies and plans.
  • Oversees the implementation and effectiveness of all logistics operations.
  • Assesses complex acquisition plans to identify specialized logistics requirements.
  • Builds sound business cases for changes to logistics operations activities.
  • Tracks potential changes to logistics network to proactively access new opportunities.


Warehouse/Stores Management (Level 4)

Managing and controlling the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and processing transactions, including shipping, receiving, put away and picking.

Applies the competency in new or complex situations and advises others.

  • Oversees the operation of warehouse operations.
  • Determines warehouse capacity and optimum layouts to meet business objectives.
  • Reviews and analyses warehouse operations reports to identify issues and challenges and determine necessary process or policy modifications.
  • Plans and forecasts required space to handle current and future inventory needs.
  • Considers customs and import aspects for goods/materials or product stored outside of the country.
  • Manages relationships with storage partners.
  • Determines appropriate layout and materials handling and storage equipment.
  • Develops customer specific paperwork to provide accurate receipt documents.
  • Develops vehicle loading and unloading security and safety policies.


Asset Management (Level 3)

Ensuring that assets are available and are effectively utilized, maintained, and managed to meet the organization\\\\\\\’s needs.

Applies the competency in the full range of typical situations, requiring guidance in only the most complex or new situations. 

  • Translates operations, use and maintenance strategies into operational plans.
  • Develops an extensive understanding of assets: their characteristics, availability, condition, and performance history.
  • Considers the effectiveness of the cost investment strategies for sustaining the life cycle of assets.
  • Manages agreements to ensure that all parties meet their obligations.
  • Enforces contractor performance to achieve objectives.
  • Determines which assets are surplus to requirements.


Inventory/Supply Management (Level 4)

Ensuring that inventory, raw materials and maintenance, repair and operations items are available and are effectively utilized, maintained, and managed to meet the organization’s needs.

Applies the competency in the full range of typical situations, requiring guidance in only the most complex or new situations.

  • Analyses supply chain methods to determine optimal operational efficiencies.
  • Manages complex agreements to ensure that all parties meet their obligations.
  • Assesses overall contractor /supplier performance against contract and organizational objectives.
  • Analyses total inventory in pipeline and recommends ways (such as just-in-time techniques) to minimize levels.
  • Designs and implements appropriate stores layout to ensure effective storage and retrieval of materials using appropriate materials handling technology/equipment.
  • Evaluates the demand for supplies and decides stock holdings and procurement policies.
  • Proposes improvements to the supply chain in consultation with customers, stakeholders, and suppliers.
  • Applies inventory control techniques to optimize stock levels.
  • Builds models to set optimum inventory levels and determine re-order levels based on environmental factors.


Planning and Organizing (Level 3)

Making and executing plans to reach goals supporting organizational success.

Plans and organizes major activities

  • Identifies varied resources needed for each stage of a plan.
  • Produces realistic and achievable work plans.
  • Develops contingency plans to handle potential obstacles.
  • Breaks activities into smaller components to facilitate completion.
  • Renegotiates commitments or deadlines as circumstances dictate, ensuring \\\\\\\”no surprises\\\\\\\” at the expected completion.
  • Evaluates the extent to which objectives have been achieved.


Fostering Communication (Level 4)

Listening and communicating openly, honestly, and respectfully with different audiences, promoting dialogue, and building consensus.

Communicates complex messages

  • Communicates complex issues with widely varied audiences, in a clear and credible manner.
  • Handles difficult on-the-spot questions (e.g., from senior executives, public officials, interest groups, or the media).
  • Secures support for ideas or initiatives through high-impact communication to overcome resistance.


Achievement Orientation (Level 2)

Focusing efforts on achieving high quality results consistent that meet or exceed standard expectations.

Strives to achieve ambitious results

  • Defines ambitious and realistic, personal goals and standards.
  • Evaluates personal progress against standards to identify ways to improve.
  • Undertakes challenging work to ensure the delivery of optimal results.
  • Adjusts actions to meet and exceed expectations.
  • Tries new ways to get things done, while taking steps to reduce the risks.


Collaborating with Others (Level 4)

Working together with others in a cooperative and supportive manner to achieve shared goals.

Coaches others and resolves conflicts

  • Coaches others on collaboration skills to promote high individual and group performance.
  • Facilitates beneficial resolutions to conflict among people.
  • Shares own knowledge and experience to support others to achieve personal and business objectives.
  • Encourages people to share relevant information and knowledge with others.



  • Monitor the performance of the logistics function, personnel, and processes to ensure cost effectiveness and compliance with company standards
  • Develop, monitor, and maintain supply chain performance metrics
  • Review and negotiate logistics rates and other transportation costs
  • Prepare the annual logistics budget and control the transportation expenditures
  • Identify and manage risk within the logistics activities
  • Ensure that all logistics personnel abide by all Health and Safety processes and policies
  • Establish goals and objectives for staff and conduct performance reviews as required
  • Monitor carrier operations and rate performance
  • Execute logistics plan to move products on schedule
  • Understand customer’s needs, service those needs and maintain and develop positive business relationships with customers



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain, Logistics, Business Administration or related field
  • An MBA would be considered an asset
  • At least 5 years’ experience in a similar environment, 3 of which should be at a managerial level
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software (Intermediate)
  • Logistics Systems (Intermediate)
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Intermediate)
  • Payroll Legislation (Intermediate)
  • SAP (Intermediate)
  • Transportation Related Legislation (Intermediate)

This job description may not be inclusive of all assigned duties, responsibilities, or aspects of the job described, and may be amended at any time at the sole discretion of the Employer.

How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Do you possess a Bachelor's Degree? - Do you have a Master's Degree? - Do you have a minimum of 3 years' experience at a Managerial level?