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Position: Production Technician

Location: Arima / Trinidad and Tobago


The Production Technician (Film) is responsible for operating, monitoring, maintaining and repairing machines and equipment in the Film Division (Extrusion/Conversion). This includes, machine set-up, start-up and shutdown, machine operation, production quality, troubleshooting, adjustments, repairs and housekeeping. All work shall be performed while following the rules, technical work procedures and guidelines, of ANSA Polymer, with special attention being given to Health, Safety and Environment.


  • Prepare and set up machines (calibration, cleaning etc.) to start production cycle in accordance with defined procedures, specifications and as per production schedule.
  • Interface with computer control system to control, troubleshoot and adjust machine settings as required.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot equipment programs as necessary to improve product quality, machine cycle times and overall throughput per customer requirements.
  • Troubleshoot inconsistencies with machines and recipes, report corrective actions to Section Supervisor and make appropriate adjustments.
  • Perform regular lubrication on production equipment and system checks in accordance with preventative maintenance / production established schedules.
  • Maintains equipment logs on assigned machines and prepare production reports recording pertinent information about downtime, process changes etc.
  • Scheduling of time, manpower, materials and equipment required to perform tasks.
  •  Assist maintenance in machine repairs and preventative maintenance.
  • Scheduling of time, manpower, materials and equipment required to perform tasks.
  • Assist maintenance in machine repairs and preventative maintenance.
  • Perform job changeovers and ensure completion in allocated timeframe.
  • Ensure resins are mixed as per Ansa Polymer formula guide.
  • Assist in monthly stock taking exercises.
  • Ensures full compliance with all OSH standards and Company policies.
  • Ensures continuity of operations on machines in cases of absences.
  • Ensures housekeeping standards are maintained in the department.
  • Provides training when required.
  • Perform other duties in the Film Department as requested by the Manager and in instances of machine downtime.


  • Mechanical Engineering Technician Diploma
  • Certification in Industrial Maintenance
  • 1 – 3 years’ Experience in a related field.

How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Do you possess a Mechanical Engineering Technician Diploma? - Do you possess a Certification in Industrial Maintenance? - Do you have 1 - 3 years’ experience in a related field?