Applying job

Position: Senior Underwriter

Location: Port of Spain / Trinidad and Tobago

Job Description

  • Achieves at least ninety percent (90%) retention of AMBL renewal clients
  • Reviews requests for new business; cancellation, endorsements, etc.  Requests documentation necessary for the processing.
  • Ensures all new business; policy changes/endorsements are effected and data-entered within 24 hours of instructions from client/agent.
  • Issues renewal certificates to all InOne Clients at least three (3) weeks prior to renewal date
  • Processes Renewals for mail out of 1st Year Free at least three (3) weeks prior to renewal date.
  • Evaluates the experience of a risk against the class of business under review. Evaluates the loss potential due to catastrophe, severity, and/or frequency.
  • Monitors AMBL portfolio and makes recommendations when necessary.
  • Utilizes knowledge of automated systems to develop information for new or renewal policies.
  • Review monthly billing with TATIL Accounts prior to submission to AMBL.  Conduct queries on current billing with collections at AMBL.

Person Specification

ANALYTICAL PROBLEM SOLVING – This competency is concerned with applying an analytical approach to solving problems and reaching

logical conclusions. This means gathering information from a variety of sources and quickly gaining an understanding of it. It requires working effectively with complicated, conflicting or ambiguous information, and looking beyond the surface of issues to identify their underlying patterns and causes.

CUSTOMER FOCUS – People demonstrating Customer Focus are keen to develop strong, lasting relationships with their clients. They are driven by a desire to understand and satisfy their customers’ needs, exceeding their expectations wherever possible. This competency may be concerned with clients inside or outside the organisation? Internal customers may be other departments or individuals from the same organisation.

INITIATIVE – People showing Initiative are constantly looking for things to do. They are self-confident and proactive and will generate activity for themselves rather than waiting for instruction. They are also prepared to take risks if they feel there is potential benefit in doing so.

How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- • A Bachelor Degree in Insurance and Risk management. - • Diploma in Insurance, and/or relevant experience and training.