Andres Assee
Director Health and Wellness, Alstons Marketing Company (AMCO)

1. Where are you currently assigned and how long have you been with the ANSA McAL Group?
I am currently assigned within the Distribution Sector at Alstons Marketing Company Limited as the Divisional Director – Health and Wellness.  I have been with the Group for a year and a half.

2. What are some of your key responsibilities and accountabilities and how do you go about motivating or challenging yourself?
I am responsible for the P&L and overall strategic direction of the Division, regarding the planning, development and implementation of marketing plans and programs in areas such as sales, expenses, pricing, advertising and public relations, and the portfolio mix.

I am a naturally self-motivated individual and results oriented person, who strives for perfection and aims to exceed assigned goals.

3. What is the most surprising thing you have learnt since working for the Group/your company?
I was surprised that not only did the Group speak about being a family, but that employees also truly embody that notion.  This engenders a sense of belonging and loyalty to the ANSA McAL Group and brand.

4. How would you describe the working atmosphere and the people with whom you work or interact with?
The working atmosphere is quite a fast paced one and the people certainly inspire me to challenge and improve the status quo.

5. Why would someone want to come and work for AMCO?
AMCO is one of the leading companies within the distribution sector in Trinidad and Tobago.  It would be a privilege to work for such a company, which can boast of top brands and products.  In addition, there is a high degree of camaraderie among the staff.

6. Tell us something that most persons would find surprising about you?
I am a chemical engineer.