Shashi Mahase
General Manager, Berger Barbados

1. Where are you currently assigned and how long have you been with the ANSA McAL Group?
I have been with the ANSA McAL group for 18 years now. My first four years were spent at Abel Clay where I was hired to work on the Tunnel Kiln 3 (TK3) upgrade.  Soon after the successful completion of the upgrade, I was promoted to the position of Production Supervisor.  The last fourteen years have been spent at Abel Building Solutions (ABS) – Bestcrete Division.  While at Bestcrete I progressed through various positions, including: Production Team Lead, Production Manager and Operations Manager.

2. Other than money, what inspires you to keep working here?
The ANSA McAL Group of Companies continues to grow and set the pace as the leader in a very diversified group of business sectors. Each sector’s success is driven by a continuous push towards excellence and challenge of the status quo.  As a result, employees are encouraged to act like owners to achieve, not only success for their respective business, but personal success as well. While this demand is challenging at times, the group provides the tools and support necessary to rise above the challenges to succeed.

3. What are some of the key responsibilities and accountabilities?
Key areas of responsibilities include achievement of HSSE, Quality and Production targets.  Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are also set for financial aspects of the business.  Another interesting area of accountability are the Core Values. This includes KPIs related to: Employee Engagement, Social Responsibility, Creativity and Innovation and Customer Excellence. I say interesting because this encourages employees to focus on the business from a holistic point of view, incorporating all stakeholders and promoting a sense of entrepreneurship.

4. What has been your experience so far in the Group?
My experience in the group has been a rewarding one thus far. Of course, there have been many challenges through the years. However, as mentioned before, I have progressed through various positions and this has given me a sense of validation that hard work pays off. The group continues to invest in employees as part of its succession planning and this enables the employees to be empowered with the necessary tools to achieve more. Knowing that the group is focused on their employees and that good work ethics are rewarded and recognized continues to keep me motivated to achieve even more within the group.

5. What is the most surprising thing you have learnt since working for the Group/your company?
In the early days, I think it may have been getting to know the number of areas that the group is involved in which is quite a broad spectrum of products and services.  However, as I have been in the group for some time now, and considering the group’s appetite for success I am not too surprised with anything anymore. The ability of the group, to not only successfully introduce new products and services, but also to acquire existing companies and turn them around into successful entities is part and parcel of the “ANSA McAL” way of business.

6. Are you optimistic about your future in the Group?
Yes, I am. I have recently been appointed to the position of General Manager of Berger Paints Barbados Limited.  This, yet again, has given me a sense of recognition and reward for my efforts over the years. I see this as a new opportunity in a different area of the group’s business and look forward to the challenge.  In addition, having successfully completed my EMBA, another initiative of the group for potential successors, I feel confident that with the experience gained, tools acquired and continued support of the group’s executives, that I can contribute even more to the success of the group in the future.