Curtis Bowles
Sales Manager, ANSA Motors

”Our people is what makes this group so dynamic. We work as a team.”

1. Which group company are you currently assigned and how long have you been with the ANSA McAL group?

Diamond motors is home to brands such as Mitsubishi, Jin Bei, Fuso, Baic & Freightliner and I have been here since 2015, so going on 4 years.

2. Describe your portfolio as sales manager of diamond motors and some of your key responsibilities?

I’m involved in everything, sales and marketing, customer service, budgeting, process and documentation, vehicle movement, reporting & performance management and each of these have their own portfolios that make them up.

3. What are some of your aspirations in this role?

To achieve larger market share for the company, and by extension a greater presence for the Mitsubishi brand as well as the other brands that fall under diamond motors.

4. What do you love about working for the group?

“Our people is what makes this group so dynamic. We work as a team.” Of course there will be always be some pulling and tugging, but the end result is that we all work together to achieve our goals! Success becomes habit!!

5. Why would someone want to come work for Ansa Motors?

We are one of the larger, stronger companies, financially stable and always moving forward. We offer educational programs and training for professionals in each particular field or profession. We are very employee focused and make sure they come first. Not to mention the benefits from our sister companies within group.

6. What is your work mantra and guiding principles?

Work both smart and hard, always ask for feedback, set attainable goals, find your passion and always make sure you have a plan.