Rewards & Benefits

Incentives: The Group is performance and results driven and values and rewards employee high performance. As a result, it provides employees with performance-related bonuses/incentives.

Sector Performer Awards: Every year each Sector selects an employee who epitomises our Leadership Purpose of – Creating the Extraordinary; Inspiring and Enabling and Being an Exemplar. These employees are recognised for their outstanding performance and are chosen as our esteemed Sector Performers. This auspicious achievement is celebrated by the Group Chairman, Executive Committee and the families of the chosen Sector Performers. Awards are presented at a special Sector Performer luncheon.

Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP): In our enduring tradition of commitment to the security and well-being of our employees, ANSA McAL takes pride in instituting the Employee Share Ownership Plan.
The Plan provides an attractive opportunity for all permanent employees to purchase shares in ANSA McAL Limited with no less than 40% of their annual bonuses. The sums used for purchasing shares as well as dividends accruing therefrom are not subject to tax.

Employee Milestone/Long Service: ANSA McAL values and appreciates our employees’ commitment and dedication to our organisation. As such, employees who have been with the Company for five years, ten years, fifteen years and so forth are recognised at our Long Service Awards ceremony and are presented with a gift and certificate in recognition for their service and commitment to the Group.

Group Health & Life: The Group provides our permanent employees with Medical Health Insurance coverage which provides assistance in meeting medical expenses as a result of illness of the employee and his/her dependants. Contributions are made both by the employee and the Company. Admission to the plan is upon confirmation of employment and on meeting entry qualifications.
All permanent monthly paid employees are eligible to join the non-contributory Group Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment plan.

Pension Plan: ANSA McAL believes that our employees should have retirement income security. Therefore, all permanent employees of the Group will join the Group’s Contributory Pension Plan.