A river lime to remember

Throwing meetings, schedules and the daily routine over their shoulders, ANSA McAL employees and their family members came together for another round of Group wide events, this time with a River Lime to remember.


Hundreds of staff members and their families at the Trinidad based operation journeyed off the beaten path on 04 July 2009, converging on Hugh Lee King’s Ranch in Valencia for a day of cook outs, card playing, musical competition and an easy pace by the river, under the trees.


Highlights of the day were the always popular cook out and the singing competition which followed later.  First place in the cook out went to Chatak Matak and second place was taken by Skef Chefs.


Special thanks of course to the Sports and Family Day Committee Chairperson, Ingrid Ragoonanan and members, Soria Subran, Gary Fitzwilliam, Janelle Scott, Fitzroy Dove, Darren Mohan, Jason Mohammed, Colleen Caseman, Delano Pasea, Sharon Dickson, Sherry Ann Lee Hunte, Nicole Dyer-Griffith, Beatrice Roberts (Tobago), Dawnelle S Mohammed, Bernadette Alleng, Mala Coolman, Nicole King Benjamin, Maria Neilson, Nigel Viarruel, Alana Stanislaus, Fayad Mohammed and Margaret Romain.


For a full video compilation of photographs from the memorable event, please on the poster