AMCO hosts prosecco evening


These lovely ladies enjoy some of the Prosecco on hand at More Vino.


L’Aperitivo Prosecco, an evening of basking in some of the world’s finest Proseccos, hosted by AMCO World of Wines & Spirits was held on September 6 at More Vino, Woodbrook.

There were three proseccos on offer, one from the house of Fantinel and two others under the house of Riunite labelled as Maschio dei Cavalieri and Cantine Maschio, all of which originate from Italy.


Italian Wine Connoisseur Cardullo enjoys his Prosecco while posing with these gorgeous beauties at L’aperitivo Prosecco.


The prosecco selections are typically offered in two categories, Brut or Extra Dry. The taste of the prosecco has been described as intensely aromatic and crisp, with hints of apricots, pears and green/yellow apples with the perfect balance of dryness and sweetness on the finish, a statement said last week.

Prosecco comes from the Glera grape, a white varietal which is commonly referred to as the “Prosecco” and originated in Italy. Prosecco is produced using the Charmat method where the second part of the fermentation process takes place in a stainless steel tank.

These sparkling wines are distinguished throughout the world and are best known for striking that perfect balance of sweet and dry. Guests were treated to sample these three proseccos accompanied by sushi platters from More Vino/More Sushi.


Corporate Communications
September 19, 2012
Source: Trinidad Express, Page 23 Business Express