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ANSA McAL Gets Injunction Against Trading of BHL Shares

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ANSA McAL ( Barbados) Limited at 6 pm today was successful in getting an interim injunction until November 11, 2015 from the Courts of Barbados against any further trading of Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) shares on the Stock Exchange or otherwise.

This injunction which was granted by Hon Sir Marston Gibson, Chief Justice of Barbados, means that until November 11, 2015 no one will be allowed to solicit or negotiate the purchase or sale of BHL shares. It will also allow ANSA McAL (Barbados) Limited to contest the agreement made between BHL and SLU in the interest of all shareholders.

The parties will have an opportunity on November 11, 2015 to argue their case for or against the injunction at which time the court will decide whether to end or extend the injunction while the matter regarding the SLU agreement is heard.

President, CEO of ANSA McAL (Barbados) Limited, Nicholas Mouttet said that the company was very keen to avoid any unnecessary delays in the takeover process and had requested of the court a short interim injunction period and an early hearing to limit inconvenience to shareholders.

Further details will be revealed by ANSA McAL (Barbados) Limited at a press conference tomorrow.



November 03rd, 2015

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