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ANSA McAL Launches B S & T Offer Website

THE MANAGEMENT of ANSA McAL (Barbados) Ltd. has launched a website – www.ansamcaloffer.com – in an effort to outline the facts regarding the proposed offer for the shares of the Barbados Shipping & Trading (BS&T).

The new, interactive website is a unique resource for BS&T shareholders and the general public, providing news articles, general facts about the ANSA McAL Group, press releases and other documents which visitors to the page can download free of cost. As of July 16th, a summary of the share purchase offer document from ANSA McAL which has now has been officially communicated to BS&T shareholders, has been added to the other resources on the website for review by visitors.

The announcement of the new webpage comes on the heels of contentious public debate on the proposed takeover of BS&T by Neal & Massy and more recently the acquisition bid by ANSA McAL.

“Unfortunately, from the call-in programmes to the news reports, some of the information in the public domain has been unclear,” Inglefield explained. “We feel that while our corporate history in Barbados has been an extremely positive one and can stand up to public scrutiny, it has become incumbent upon us now to bring some clarity to the discussion. This website has created a platform for us to put the facts about our proposal to the public and to allow them, in the comfort of their own homes and offices, to examine these facts and come to their own conclusions.”

In addition to the wealth of information provided on the site, the new site also affords visitors the opportunity to voice their own opinions about the ANSA McAL proposal and the future of BS&T.

“Feedback from the public is critical to us and we felt that this medium provided an unparalleled opportunity to interact with the people of Barbados on this very important issue.”

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