ANSA McAL Trading (Guyana) Ltd teams up with K&S for ‘Stag Crown your Community’


From left, Co-Director K&S Organisation Kashif Mohammad, AMTL’s Marketing Director Troy Cadogan, GFF President Franklin Wilson, Master of Ceremonies, ‘Casual’ and Stag Beer representative John Maikoo. (Below: an image of the commemorative ‘Crown Your Community’ Stag bottle)


ANSA McAL Trading (Guyana) Ltd teams up with K&S for ‘Stag Crown your Community’
$3M towards developing community football field in Guyana


ANSA McAL Trading Ltd in association with the Kashif and Shanghai (K&S) Organization recently teamed up to launch the Stag “Crown your Community” promotion. This promotion leads into the 22nd K&S Football Tournament which is scheduled to run from December 2011 to January 2012.

AMTL’s Marketing Director, Troy Cadogan, gave some insight into the promotion, “It will set aside individualism and embrace the true meaning of community. Crown your Community is being implemented under a new concept of reward for corporate responsibility. Most Companies, when they sponsor events, benefit from a day of branding, selling products and a photo-op. However, the innovation behind this promotion goes far beyond the norm.”

The participating 16 teams in the K&S tournament are all community based and as such, it would give one of them a chance to enhance their training and playing venue within their area. Several shops within these communities have already been identified by AMTL and the K&S Organization, wherein, branded Stag boxes will be placed to allow persons to deposit their Stag Beer crowns.

At the end of the tournament on January 1, 2012, the boxes in each community will have their crowns counted and the area with the most will win the $3 Million grand prize. This money will only be used for developmental purposes of the football ground identified and not for specific club purposes according to Cadogan.

Additionally, ANSA McAL Trading Ltd. unveiled a commemorative Stag Beer, bearing the logo of the Kashif and Shanghai Organization. “From now throughout the K&S tournament, all Stag Beer will have a special design, the caps will be different, having the marking ‘Stag Crown Your Community’ and this is what will make this year’s tournament special,” stated Cadogan.

Kashif Mohammad along with Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major are the brains behind what is considered to be Guyana’s Premier sporting event, as well as the longest running. Mohammad said “no words can express how I feel personally about this whole initiative because it would be a plus for us. It means that we’ll have another venue, or a better one, depending on which area wins, for our tournament to be played and so it’s truly development indeed for these communities. We are glad to be a part of it and more so, having a beer branded with our logo it’s just amazing and we thank ANSA McAL for not only doing this for us, but for football in Guyana.”

Corporate Communications
November 24, 2011