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ANSA McAL’s 2012 Group Performance Recognition Awards



Members of the ANSA McAL Executive team stand proudly with the awards given to their respective subsidiaries (left to right): John Charles, Managing Director – ANSA Polymer, Andrew Sabga, Sector Head – Beverage, Musa Ibrahim, Managing Director – TATIL, David G. Inglefield, Sector Head – Services and Jose Nivet, Sector Head – Distribution



On Thursday 16th May 2013 ANSA McAL’s Group Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr. A. Norman Sabga was pleased to announce the winners of the Group’s 2012 Performance Recognition Awards.


These awards seek to ensure that the focus on excellence within the Group remains strong and vibrant, whilst refocusing employee and company efforts on critical performance areas.


The winners are:



  1. Best Safety Performance 2012
    ANSA Technologies Limited
    Received by Mr. David Inglefield, Sector Head – Services

  2. Highest PBT Attainment Over Budget 2012:
    TATIL General
    Received by Mr. Musa Ibrahim, Managing Director – Tatil

  3. Best PBT Growth 2012
    ANSA McAL Trading (Guyana) Limited
    Received by Mr. Jose Nivet, Sector Head – Distribution

  4. Best EVC Growth 2012:
    ANSA McAL Trading (Guyana) Limited
    Received by Mr. Jose Nivet, Sector Head – Distribution

  5. Best Audit & Governance Performance 2012
    Caribbean Development Company
    Received by Mr. Andrew Sabga, Sector Head – Brewery

  6. Highest Increase in Export Sales Over Prior Year 2012
    ANSA Polymer
    Received by Mr John Charles, Managing Director



Corporate Communications
May 16, 2013



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