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On Thursday 21st May 2020, ANSA Motors donated 800 gallons of Pre-Mixed Sanitizer with Storage and Dispensing apparatus to the Maxi Taxi Association.

This donation will be used for sanitizing Maxi Taxi units and facilities for two of the busiest routes in the country, Route 1 (Yellow Band) and Route 2 (Red Band).

Director of the Commercial Division of ANSA Motors, Rishi Basdeo, explained to Linus Phillip, President of Route 2 Association and the Executive Team of Route 1, that the pre-mixed sanitizer is of medical grade and extremely safe to use in their operating environment and similar to what is currently used by ANSA Motors to sanitize vehicles in the National Ambulance Service and hospitals.

Both Eon Hewitt and Linus Phillips of the MAXI TAXI Association Executive team were thankful for the gesture. They emphasized that this contribution came at the right time when the economy was being reopened in phases and the Association wanted to protect both the travelling public and their members against Covid 19.

ANSA Motors also provided hand sanitizers, manufactured by Carib Brewery, for use in the administration offices of the Association, as well as disposable gloves and face masks.


Corporate Communications Department
ANSA McAL Group of Companies
Thursday 28th May 2020

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