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CARIB gets in the Loop with mobile platform

Carib App.1

Anton Forte, marketing manager of Carib, joins the Carib girls—Haleigh Lopez, left, Brittany Farah and Sheyann Sealey—in displaying the app on their mobile handsets at the unveiling of the digital platform at the ANSA McAL Hospitality Suite, Queen’s Park Oval, yesterday. PHOTO: SEAN NERO



Carib and Trend Media, also known as Loop, have joined hands to launch a mobile platform to increase their client base locally, regionally and internationally.

During the launch at the ANSA McAL Hospitality Suite, Queen’s Park Oval, yesterday, Carib’s marketing manager, Anton Forte, sought to underscore the importance of technology in one’s daily lives.

He said: “Regardless of your socio-economic status or location in the world, technology brings us together at lightening speeds. “Combined with social media platforms, people can extend their reach through mobile devices and pool their resources in a meaningful way,”he added.

Acknowledging that both the world was changing in an alarming way, Forte said consumers had become less tolerant; communicating more with each other via social media; they were now more informed; had become less loyal and were challenging marketing messages.

Admitting that Carib Brewery had previously depended on sales records, as well as surveys and questionnaires to gain valuable market information into consumers wants, Forte said digital media had now made it easier to identify new consumers, measure affinity and sentiment, detect changing behaviours, identify and manage risks, enabling a timely response, track competitors and manage market messages.

Focusing on the Carib mobile application, Forte described it as “yet another touch point for the brand to engage with its consumers.”

With social media now generating vast amounts of new and unstructured data about consumer behaviour, opinions, desires and needs, Forte said the new application would allow users to learn more about the Carnival campaign, win free Carib beer and learn of the latest addition to the Carib brand, Carib Radler.

Also delivering remarks was Vindra Dhanraj, Trend Media’s country manager, who revealed that Loop carried out a local survey last November and found that 48 per cent of those who participated, spent at least four hours a day on their mobile devices.

Congratulating the Carib team on the move to launch a mobile first platform to drive consumer awareness and build a community of Carib fans around the world, Dhanraj said the “Always On”platform would allow Carib fans the opportunity to showcase their enjoyment with Carib beer, earn rewards through engaging and sharing their experiences by posting images of them or their lime, having a good time with the brand and to be the first to know all that’s new with the brand, including the Carib calendar of events.

Adding that the site was adaptive for the mobile user to ensure the best experience, she assured that there was an age gate that protected content from under age viewers.

Facebook, twitter and instagram users are also able to log on through their accounts with ease.

Dhanraj said unlike the traditional application, there would be no need to download or wait for application version updates as the mobile site would have its unique html link that could be bookmarked onto the home screen of any type of mobile device with browsing capability.

Trend Media, which is the media solutions division of the Digicel Group, will be offering the mobile site as a zero-rated to all Digicel data subscribers, which means they will enjoy free data browsing when on the Carib mobile site.



Taken from: Trinidad Guardian
Story by: Anna-Lisa Paul
Photo by: Sean Nero
Date: Friday 15th January, 2016

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