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Chairman on the Move – ANSA Coatings Limited

Group Chairman & Chief Executive of the ANSA McAL Group of Companies – Mr. A. Norman Sabga and Group HR Director – Ms. Teresa White visited ANSA Coatings Limited, a subsidiary of the ANSA McAL Group of Companies on Thursday 13th March, 2014. The Group Chairman and Group HR Director met ANSA Coatings staff members and toured the facilities of ANSA Coatings. Click below to see photos from this visit.

DSC_5649 DSC_5652 DSC_5653 DSC_5655 DSC_5657 DSC_5667 DSC_5676 DSC_5678 DSC_5684 DSC_5704 DSC_5713 DSC_5717 DSC_5722 DSC_5730 DSC_5744 DSC_5759 DSC_5763 DSC_5768 DSC_5782 DSC_5790

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