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 Minister of Finance, Honorable Karen Nunez – Teshiera, made a presentation to the members of the ANSA McAL Parent Board at the annual Parent Board Retreat, held this year, at the Trinidad Hilton Hotel and Conference Centre, on June 27 – 28th, 2008.

The Minister’s presentation included a brief on the Government’s initiatives over the next three years, with a Global overview of the local, regional and international economies. Minister Nunez-Teshiera spoke in glowing terms of the ANSA McAL Group’s achievements to date, and of the Groups’ steady movement toward achieving its V10 mission.

The Parent Board Retreat, which saw key Group Directors and Executives, present their views on the movement of the Group within the National economic framework, also saw the members of the Parent Board undertake an intensive review of the Group’s performance year to date, and the proposed movements on expanding the overall geographic footprint.

The retreat was centered around the following key themes:

    * Unlocking Manufacturing Value……..Optimizing Efficiency, Capacity and Productivity.
    * Extracting Costs…..Optimizing Efficiencies
    * Production Driven / Market Led
    * Beyond V10 – The Next Steps.



Developing the ANSA McAL DNA


ANSA McAL has embarked on an exercise geared at developing what has been termed the “ANSA McAL DNA”, which will be designed to embrace a series of core values that are imperatives to the organization.  

As part of the process the group hosted a Core Values Exercise on Friday 13th June 2008. This exercise was attended by various subsidiary representatives, and took place at the ANSA McAL Oval Hospitality Suite, Queens Park Oval.

ANSA McAL’s Group COO, Mr. Gerry Brooks, in a spirited address to the participants, provided real life examples of the significance of core values.The session was moderated by Mr. Philip Rochford who guided the team on how to do the following:

• To define the terminology – Corporate Values & Core Values
• To explore existing value structures within organization
• To identify a series of value statements / definitive words to be used as a baseline for the sparking of a global organizational conversation

Coming out of the session was a core team of Value Change Agents [ VCA] who will be expected to take the information back to their respective subsidiaries for feedback, processing, further refinement, and communication to within the subs, with a view to collating a brief for the recall session.


2007 In the Bag! Let’s Bag


V10!….and Save the Environment!


The recently closed 2007 Financial Year, saw the ANSA McAL Group record significant profits, with increased upward movement in the Group’s publicly traded share price. The Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr. A. Norman Sabga, in the Group’s Annual Report, stated, “The Group achieved excellent results in the year to December 31, 2007 and remains on track to achieve all of the objectives that the Board set in their Vision 2010 Mission.”

In extolling the contribution of the Group’s 6000 employees’ toward the achievement of the financial objective, the Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive also recognized the efforts of the Group’s Environmental Awareness Campaign, being spearheaded by Carib Glassworks Limited. The ongoing recycling campaign also demonstrates the Group’s Social and Environmental Awareness, and as a gesture of continued support, the ANSA McAL Group, will be distributing Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags to all of its employees to support the Global and National Drive at becoming more environmentally aware.

The Brown Cotton Shopping Bags, will be branded with the V10 logo, and the phrase 2007 In the Bag! Let’s Bag V10! in recognition of the stellar performance of all employees toward the achievement of the 2007 Financial Goals………………..2007 In the Bag! Employees are encouraged to perform with the same measure of excellence and dedication toward achieving our V10 Mission, and whilst working toward achieving this……….let’s do our part to save our Environment………….Using your Brown Cotton Re – Useable Environmentally Friendly Brown Cotton Shopping Bags. Due out by  Mid – End  August.

2007 In the Bag!………….Let’s Bag




Saving our Environment!