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Gerry C. Brooks Retires

Gerry Brooks

The ANSA McAL Group announces that after 25 years of valuable contribution, leadership and service to the Group as a Senior Executive and Parent Board Member, Mr Gerry Brooks will retire on the 30th April 2015.

He was inspirational in his role as Chief Operating Officer and Sector Head, Manufacturing and served loyally in other key leadership positions. The Group’s financial strength, growth and reputation are testimony to his commitment, dedication and strategic thinking.

Group Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr A. Norman Sabga said, “On behalf of the entire ANSA McAL Group and family, we extend our sincere appreciation to Gerry for his contribution to the Group. He took great pride in overseeing the continued growth of the Group and our subsidiaries beyond traditional boundaries, and it is a privilege to reflect on working with him over the last 25 years. When you work with someone for that length of time they become more than a just colleague, they become your confidant and friend. His commitment, energy and diligence are well-known attributes and he has paved the way for another generation of excellent leaders.

He leaves the Group in strong and competent hands and the experience and acumen of our Directors, together with the professionalism and skills of Management will ensure that we continue to grow, provide outstanding service and products to our customers and be involved in the communities we serve. As he finalizes his post-retirement plans and shifts his energies to other areas of interest, the ANSA McAL Group remains indebted for his passionate leadership, business acumen and wise counsel and we look forward to more exciting developments from him in the future. We wish Mr Gerry Brooks, Godspeed, continued health and success in his new journey.”



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Wednesday 02nd April, 2015
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