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“Glass Works” Recycle Educational Tour

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On Monday 16th November, 2015 Carib Glassworks Limited (CGL) continued its glass bottle recycling campaign and visited several schools in Trinidad. CGL recycles glass bottles as part of its production process which has led to a relaunch of its campaign entitled “Glass Works.” The campaign aims to raise awareness and promote the benefits of glass packaging.

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The advocates of “Glass Works” Kristine Jaggit, Marketing Officer and Sean Austin, an ANSA McAL Champion treated students of Presentation College, St Joseph Convent (St. Joseph) and Queens Royal College to a presentation on the life cycle of glass.

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CGL’s advocates met with 45 enthusiastic boys of Presentation College who were eager to learn of the raw materials used to create glass. There was an overwhelming interest from approximately 700 students at St. Joseph Convent (St. Joseph) as they intelligently answered all CGL’s trivia questions on the life cycle and new components of glass.

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