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Heineken sets the ball rolling

Taken from the Trinidad Guardian (Feb 24th, 2016):


Chema Mark of TSTT emerged the first of 11 football fans who will accompany officials of Heinekin to witness the UEFA Champions League Semi-finals in May.

Mark won the trip when he competed against eight finalist at the Launch of Heineken’s 2016 UEFA Champions Campaign at Digicel Imax in Woodbrook on February 16.

At the launch football fans had the opportunity to view a live showing of the match featuring Paris Saint – Germany vs Chelsea which the PSG won with a score of 2 -1.

Photos by Andre Alexander:


Heineken UEFA (1)
Heineken girls, Krystin Gonzales, left, Semoy De Four, Melissa Favrod-Coune, Lauren Rodrigues, Khadija Ponds and Krystal Gonzales.



Heineken UEFA (2)
Cordell Wilson, Brand Manager, Heineken – Caricom Americas Export, left, with Ian Mac Donald, CEO, Caribbean Development Company Ltd. (Carib),and Eileen Ruddy of Trend Media.



Heineken UEFA (3)
Aviane Chandler, left, her sister Amanda Chandler and Patrick Alexis.



Heineken UEFA (4)
Shane Baird, left, with DJ Private Ryan (Ryan Alexander).



Heineken UEFA (5)
Chema Mark, centre, first winner of the trip to the UEFA Champions League Semi-finals with the Heineken girls.



Heineken UEFA (6)
Ian Cowie saves a ball in his failed bid to win a trip to the UEFA Champions League Semi-finals.



Heineken UEFA (7)


Chema Mark saves a goal to become the first winner of a trip to the UEFA Champions League Semi-finals.



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