Incentives for Exceptional Performers




On Wednesday 12th September, 2012 Mr. Aneal Maharaj, Group Finance Director/ Sector Head – Retail, along with Mr. Nabeel Hadeed, Managing Director – Standards Distributors Limited and other members of Standards’ Executive team, awarded the company’s ‘Incentives for Exceptional Performers’, which recognized star employees for the second quarter.

In the photo above, Mr. Aneal Maharaj shares a proud moment with all award recipients and the Standards Distributors’ Management team as they mark the achievements of the last quarter of 2012.


  1. Valerie Sweeney DeBourg – Best Store Leadership (Arima Branch)

  2. Celia Campbell – Best Performer (Service)

  3. Haymatee Sonny Mohammed – Best Showroom (San Juan Branch)

  4. Jalon Miller – Best CSR – 1st Place (Arima Branch)

  5. Reanna Rackal – Best CSR – 2nd Place (San Juan Branch)

  6. Anna Lee Daniel – Best CSR – 3rd Place (St. James Branch)


Congratulations to all our top achievers!


Corporate Communications
August 13, 2012