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Leadership Makes a Difference

You are the strength of our company and, indeed, the next generation of Caribbean leadership that we must develop, hone and refine if the Caribbean is to secure its place in the global market space.”

This from President/CEO of ANSA McAL (Barbados) Ltd., David Inglefield in an impassioned address to participants at the ANSA McAL /UWI Executive Development Programme, as he spoke to the group of middle and upper-level management on the importance of maintaining a regional focus with global ambitions.

In responding to questions from participants in the programme being staged in collaboration with the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus, Inglefield explained the genesis of the company citing the work of the founders Charles McEnearney and George Alston, 

Growth in ANSA McAL was not only organic,” he stated “but also came via mergers and acquisitions ……It’s our DNA from inception”.  

He said that said that ANSA McAL’s acquisition of Brydens in 2003 had resulted in the growth of the combined assets of ANSA McAL and Brydens by BDS130 million dollars, all without any displacement of people.

 “Brydens’ continued growth post acquisition, reflects our dedication to building capacity and World Class competitiveness in our companies by investing in systems and technology – plant and equipment and most importantly intellectual capital – whether it be Manufacturing, Distribution, Services and Retail, or Financial Services” the ANSA McAL Executive added.

It is fitting that I am speaking to you now, during this programme designed to enhance the leadership of our organisation. To keep ANSA McAL at the vanguard of developing, we will continue to invest not only in the physical capital of our region, but perhaps more importantly, the human capital – the people.”

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