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Managing Editor


Managing Editor

Job Purpose

The Managing Editor will be responsible for overseeing a paradigm shift in the way that information is disseminated, shared and articulated within Guardian Media Limited.  Working closely with senior management in each media subsidiary the managing Editor will implement, drive and manage a revolutionary change in the flow and utilisation of information delivering synergy across all platforms.  The positions key objective is to create the pre-eminent media organisation in the region by implementing a radical change in the way GML informs, connects and engages with its target audience.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • Works alongside the senior management team to implement a new strategic direction within Guardian Media Ltd.

  • Creates, drives and manages an unprecedented level of collaboration across GML’s media subsidiaries in order to maximise the effective dissemination and utilization of information.

  • Acts as the critical link in the convergence of information between TV, radio and print media and leverages content accordingly.

  • Sets the agenda ensuring events are reported and developed across all media outlets in a cohesive manner delivering full, in-depth coverage throughout the news lifecycle.

  • Strategically managers this process and allocates resources, airtime, reporting space etc. according to the significance of the subject matter.

  • Able to oversee the development of up-to-the minute digital content and integrate this seamlessly into the narrative alongside the traditional methods of disseminating information.

  • Ensures the free flow of information enabling rapid response times to news events across all subsidiaries.

  • Promotes a renewed focus on investigative reporting and is in tune with the current affairs and issues of the region.

  • Has a track record of effectively managing international news issues across multi-dimensional media outlets.

  • Provides thought leadership and has the ability to mentor and develop staff.

Qualification and/or Experience


  • Bachelor’s degree

  • 10+ years working as a senior editor at a media group involved in multimedia business o as a hands-on editor at a publishing group

  • Ability to manage multiple projects under tight time pressures and adapt easily to change

  • Detail-oriented, organised, strives for flawless execution


  • Optimistic, can-do attitude and acts with integrity

  • Proven record results across a range of marketing communication tactics

  • Demonstrable international experience particularly covering areas of highest public interest

  • In-depth knowledge of T&T’s libel laws

  • Must have advanced computer skills


Human Resources,
P.O Box 600,
11th Floor, TATIL Building,
Maraval Road, Port of Spain. 
[email protected]



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