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Photo Gallery: ANSA McAL’s Sector Performer Awards 2013

On Saturday 19th July 2014, ANSA McAL’s Group Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr. A. Norman Sabga, hosted a special luncheon in honor of the Group’s 2013 Sector Performer winners. The event was hosted at Jaffa at the Oval and celebrated the achievements of nine winners, who represented the Group’s eight sectors and its Corporate Services division. Click on the photos below to see more from this event:

DSC_2531 (1024x678) DSC_2564 (678x1024) DSC_2575 (1024x678) DSC_2580 (1024x678) DSC_2586 (1024x678) DSC_2588 (1024x678) DSC_2591 (1024x678) DSC_2594 (1024x678) DSC_2595 (1024x678) DSC_2608 (1024x678) DSC_2610 (1024x678) DSC_2646 (1024x678) DSC_2655 (1024x678) DSC_2656 (1024x678) DSC_2673 (678x1024) DSC_2681 (678x1024) DSC_2683 (1024x678) DSC_2688 (1024x678) DSC_2691 (1024x678) DSC_2697 (678x1024) DSC_2703 (678x1024) DSC_2711 (1024x678) DSC_2718 (1024x678) DSC_2721 (678x1024) DSC_2722 (678x1024) DSC_2735 (678x1024) DSC_2740 (1024x678) DSC_2742 (678x1024) DSC_2751 (1024x678) DSC_2754 (678x1024) DSC_2758 (1024x678) DSC_2759 (678x1024) DSC_2769 (678x1024) DSC_2808 (1024x678) DSC_2820 (1024x678) DSC_2835 (678x1024) DSC_2842 (1024x678) DSC_2851 (1024x678) DSC_2856 (1024x678) DSC_2859 (1024x678)



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