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Quality Control Manager




Quality Control Manager

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for maintaining the quality and reliability of products and determining whether finished products are of a specified quality.

  2. Directs activities of the quality control team, ensuring that personnel work accurately and effectively to produce quality products.

  3. Ensure employees follow methods and procedures of quality control and keep the production of products at optimum efficiency.

  4. Determine the root causes of product defects and develop methods for eliminating/reducing their occurrence.

  5. Ensure inspection and testing of products at various stages in the production process.

  6. Establish testing procedures to determine product’s dimensions, physical, mechanical or other characteristics to ensure compliance with established standards.

  7. Ensure reliability and performance of testing equipment to measure product performance under a variety of conditions.

  8. Ensure proper documentation of test results and analysis, preparation, evaluation and reporting of data as required.

  9. Recommend modification and/or improvements to achieve the best quality possible and methods to minimize the amount of product wastage.

  10. Develop and maintain effective media for informing, updating and receiving input from employees on quality.

  11. Analyse and review the cost of quality trends and report same to Executive Management.

  12. Plan for, direct and train/ensure training and developmental activities for subordinates, monitor and assess performance on an ongoing basis.

  13. To comply with the Company’s/ Department’s procedures and policies belonging to the Quality Management System and the Health, Safety & Environmental Management System.

  14. To fulfill the legal duties of the Occupational Safety & Health Act 2004 as an employee

Training and Experience

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, or suitable equivalent.

  • Formal training in principles of Quality Management and auditing.

  • Considerable knowledge of Quality Management Systems, process improvement techniques, scientific and statistical tools.

  • A minimum of five (5) years’ experience, two (2) of which must be in a Managerial position.


Human Resources,
P.O Box 600,
11th Floor, TATIL Building,
Maraval Road, Port of Spain. 
[email protected]



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