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Sabga to job seekers: Focus on execution


CNC3’s general manager Nicholas Sabga, right, congratulates Guardian Media Limited’s Nicholas Attai after he was named the media sector’s top performer during the ANSA McAL group’s long service and sector performers awards ceremony on Wednesday 15th July, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel in Port-of-Spain.

Group Chairman and Chief Executive of the ANSA McAL group A. Norman Sabga has advised young people preparing to enter the nation’s workforce that without the right attitude, achieving a thriving career will always be a challenge.

Speaking at the group’s Hall of Fame 2015 long service and sector performer awards held at the Radisson Hotel on Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain on Wednesday, he said it was no secret—particularly among the younger generation today—that most entered the world of work for all the wrong reasons.

“Some want instant promotions, big salaries and exquisite fringe benefits; all expected within a short period of time, without a corresponding effort to consolidate one’s experience, grow a body of knowledge, contribute to growth and profitability and become a valuable asset to the life of the organisation,” he said.

“What all of you, our long service award recipients, are showing is an unwavering commitment to outstanding personal performance. Longevity and endurance beats instant gratification any day. Therefore, the foundation of excellence on which the group is being built is with the quality of your actions and the integrity of your intent.”

Sabga said between the executive arms of the group and the employee core, all worked through many challenges, embraced opportunities and continued to grow both as individuals and as an organisation.

The awards ceremony honoured more than 300 employees and rewarded eight sector champions and one corporate services champion. Sabga said, in his view, the ceremony was the ANSA McAL’s own version of the Oscars, which is the reason recipients were entered into the company’s Hall of Fame.

“We are living in a world that does not always respect tradition. It respects innovation and the next best thing. At the heart of most successful companies is a strong focus on execution that is combined with fact-based decision making and clear authority and accountability. When we agree to do something, we must do it. When we make a commitment, we must keep it. We need to understand that efficiency is a key enabler of growth, as the more efficient we are, the more we can invest in building and investing in new business and expanding existing ones. We can only do that with your support and effort, he said.

GML’s Attai hailed as model employee

Guardian Media Limited’s Nicholas Attai, who emerged winner in the category media at Wednesday ANSA McAL Sector Performers of the Year 2014 was described as the epitome of excellence in the workplace and an ideal model of what an exceptional employee should be.

He was showered with these accolades at the group’s Sector Performers of the Year 2014 and Long Service Awards held at the Radisson Hotel, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain.

The network and security administrator was recognised for his sterling contribution for the implementation of the company’s IT infrastructure upgrade at its St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain operations, as well as the deployment of the Office 365 programme on the GML platform.

His role in the successful relocation of GML’s corporate headquarters from Port-of-Spain to Chaguanas did not go unnoticed.

Attai beat out five of his colleagues for the top award. They were: Joel Wallace (accounts) Wayne Brathwaite (print) Suzan Lallai Singh (CNC3) Charran Sinanan (engineering) and Jannike Eligon (radio).

When the master of ceremonies made the announcement, he read from Attai’s bio which quoted him as “diligent, multi-faceted and technically sound. He strives for excellence and embodies the spirit of performance and determination required by the group, meaning that he maintains a level of positivity, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges; a model ANSA McAL employee.”

The Sector Performers programme, just three years old, recognised nine individuals. They were: Luanna Rahman of Tatil (Financial Services Sector); Dave Ali from Penta Paints (Manufacturing Sector); Dexter Francis, Standard Distributors (Retail Sector) Clyde Bryan, ANSA Technologies (Services Sector); Shane Poona, ANSA McAL Head Office (Corporate Sector) Auron Roberts, Richmond Motors (Automotive Sector); Christopher Deonarine, Carib Glasworks (Beverage Sector) Bhudevi Supersad, AMCO (Distribution Sector).

A Norman Sabga, chairman and CEO at ANSA McAL said these outstanding performers got the people basics right, while delivering excellence in the execution of their duties and approached the task like investors.

“When I look around, it is clear to me that we have incredible foundational strengths and our motivation comes from our collective culture. Therefore, I urge you to continue to contribute meaningfully in your workplace, to be leaders that you are in your communities and ambassadors of our group.”

ANSA McAL Sector Performers of the Year 2014:

Nicholas Attai, Guardian Media Limited–Media Sector
Luanna Rahman, Tatil–Financial Services Sector
Dave Ali, Penta Paints–Manufacturing Sector
Dexter Francis, Standard Distributors–Retail Sector.
Clyde Bryan, ANSA Technologies–Services Sector
Shane Poona, ANSA McAL Head Office–Corporate Sector
Auron Roberts, Richmond Motors–Automotive Sector
Christopher Deonarine, Carib Glasworks–Beverage Sector
Bhudevi Supersad, AMCO–Distribution Sector.

Taken from: Trinidad Guardian
Story by: Sean Nero
Photo by: Jeff Mayers
Date: Friday 17th July, 2015
Page: A15, Business

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