Sissons Paints (Grenada) Ltd 25th Anniversary


Managing Director, Christopher de Allie (centre) flanked by Ralph James – Sales Representative (left) and Norman Price – Senior Accounts Clerk


Sissons Paints (Grenada) Limited 25th Anniversary Supplement
After 25 Years, Things Are Still Looking Up

Sissons Paints: A Solid Grenada Company


Sissons Paints (Grenada) Limited is celebrating a quarter century of business operations on the island, with the general manager crediting the staff and its loyal customers for contributing to building a “solid company.’’

“This company, in the 25 years it has been here, its success stories really rest with the staff,’’ said Sissons boss, Chris De Allie. “I always say that this anniversary is a celebration of staff and its loyal customers; not of me, not of anybody else. It’s a celebration of the staff in that we have been able to be around and maintained what we have been able to maintain, and continue to have a company that is strong as it is.’’

Sissons Paints opened its doors in Grenada in August 1986 with a staff of 12. It’s one of a few manufacturing and exporting companies in Grenada, and has grown in staff and physical facilities; expanded its product line; and improved its profitability. De Allie, who is the private sector representative in the Senate, has worked with Sissons for more than 20 years. He has been general manager for 17 years.

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Sissons Paints (Grenada) Limited
25th Anniversary Supplement
September 17th, 2011