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Strong trading volume for Thursday 23 April 2009


Trade volume continued to rise on Thursday, registering at 180,549 shares with a trade value of $4.22 million. West Indian Tobacco Company Limited was the activity leader with 152,320 shares changing hands for a value of $3.52 million. Sagicor Financial Corporation and Neal & Massy Holdings Limited contributed 15,857 shares and 9,373 shares valued at $163,327.10 and $463,869.77 respectively.

Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited and Guardian Holdings Limited posted trade volumes of 1,820 shares and 1,156 shares at corresponding trade values of $50,960.00 and $20,762.26 in that order. Advances equalled declines once again, as Scotiabank gained $0.01 to close on $28.00 and Neal & Massy slipped $0.01 to $49.49. There was no activity on the Mutual Fund and Second Tier markets.

(Take from the Trinidad Guardian – http://guardian.co.tt/)

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