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Trimart’s “FRESH” Initiative Bearing Fruit for Farmers, Consumers

Karen Walcott (left) Trimart’s Store Departmental Supervisor, congratulates (from left) Kerry-Ann Riley, Allan Haynes, Vesta Alleyne, Brantley Hunte, Tamorra Vanderpool and Nigel Hackett – winners of the ‘Put Trimart in Your Cart this Christmas’ promotion.

Local produce will continue to feature prominently on the shelves and in the freezers of Trimart Supermarkets.

As part of its ongoing ‘Farm Fresh’ campaign, the supermarket chain is highlighting farmers who supply locally-grown produce at its three locations – Rendezvous, Mile-And-A-Quarter, and St Martin.

“We regularly visit the farms that supply us with their produce and we are committed to providing space and marketing for them in our stores. By doing this, we are able to offer our customers the freshest, tastiest and most nutritional food available on the local market. It’s a win-win situation for all,” said Judith Wilcox, Chief Executive Officer of Trimart Supermarkets.


“Since the launch of our ‘Farm Fresh‘ initiative last November, we have clearly seen an increase in the purchase of fresh, locally-produced items,” she added.

“But above all else, we would really like to see the creation and implementation of a sustainable national system in which food production, processing, distribution and consumption are integrated to enhance the overall environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of all Barbadians.”

Kelly Arthur, Trimart’s Marketing Officer, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to local farmers and consumers.

“Now, more so than ever, it makes sense to strengthen our relationships with our farm-fresh suppliers and to support the local agricultural sector,” she said.

“And this extends to all agronomic sectors. It is our hope that local produce will continue to gain widespread market acceptance, whereby fresh produce will be readily available and purchased by consumers as a matter of preference.”

Arthur was speaking during a presentation to the winners of Trimart’s Christmas promotion. Prizes included free groceries for a year, shopping vouchers and kitchen appliances.

Article Source: The Bajan Reporter
Story By: AirBourne
Date: Sunday 25th January 2015

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