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Unlock the Mystery with AMCO’s Apothic Wines

On Wednesday 18th April 2018 local distribution company Alstons Marketing Company Limited (AMCO) took specially invited guests on an sensory journey, showcasing Apothic Wines with an unforgettable chocolate pairing experience at Medulla Art Gallery, Fitts Street Woodbrook.

The ‘Decadent’ pairings were led by Mr. Juan Botero, Regional Manager E&J Gallo Winery and local Artisanal Chocolatier, Ms. Isabel Brash who collaboratively unlocked the flavor explosions that made each unique wine and chocolate duo.

“Decadence” also served as the exclusive unveiling for the limited edition Apothic Inferno, newly available in Trinidad. Aged in charred, white oak whiskey barrels for 60 days, Apothic Inferno blends the red and dark fruit flavors of its wine with layers of maple and spice, giving way to a long, clean finish. Crafted in California, each batch undergoes a time-intensive, barrel-aging process.

The unique character and flavor profiles offer wine enthusiasts the opportunity to discover a bold, new experience. The barrels – cut, shaped, and bound by steel before being charred with flames – were first used to age whiskey for years prior to becoming the home of Apothic’s new red blend.

Each of the distinctive Apothic wines is an inventive blend with its own delectable personality that will change your wine drinking experience. With each indulgent glass of Apothic White, Crush, Red, Dark and Inferno was a meticulously selected COCOBEL chocolate, chosen to complement the wine’s notes but also ensuring that neither wine nor chocolate overpowered the other on the palate! The guests were blown away by these revelations!


Apothic is a true original. Named for the mysterious place, Apotheca, where vintners stored their most coveted concoctions in 13th century Europe, Apothic blends fuse Old World intrigue with modern sophistication. Winemaker Debbie Juergenson lets the character and flavor of each varietal guide the shape of her wines. In addition to the two bold wines that started it all – Apothic Red and Apothic White – Debbie offers a selection of distinct red blends, Apothic Crush and Apothic Dark, and limited release blends.


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