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Challenging times bring out the best in people. The rally call that “we are all in this together” was demonstrated when leaders in labour and industry met to dialogue, explore and address the critical issues that beset us all in a Covid-19 environment.

CEO of the ANSA McAL Group, Anthony N. Sabga III along with members of the ANSA McAL Crisis Management and Business Continuity Team meet virtually with Mr James Lambert, President General, NUGFW; Mr Michael Annisette, President, SWWTU and General Secretary, NATUC; Mr Mario Als, President (AG), BIGWU, Mr Ozzi Warwick, General Secretary of JTUM and Chief Education and Research Officer, OWTU for Mr Ancel Roget and Mr L. Anthony Watkins, Principal Consultant/CEO, Odyssey Consultinc Limited.

Key Executives of the ANSA-McAL Crisis Management & Business Continuity Team, led by the Group CEO, Anthony Sabga III, spearheaded a meeting with the Union Leaders of the recognized majority unions (RMUs) of Group subsidiaries that are deemed essential service providers. The ANSA McAL Crisis Management & Business Continuity Team representatives also included Teresa White, Group HR Director, Nicholas Jackman, Group Chief Financial Officer, Frances Bain-Cumberbatch, Group Head of Legal & Corporate Secretary, and Sharon Balroop, Group Corporate Communications Manager.

Union leaders in attendance included, Mr James Lambert, President General, NUGFW; Mr Mario Als, President (AG), BIGWU; Mr Michael Annisette, President, SWWTU and General Secretary, NATUC and Mr Ozzi Warwick, General Secretary of JTUM and Chief Education and Research Officer, OWTU.

The conversation was facilitated by Mr. Anthony Watkins, Lead Consultant of Odyssey CONSULTinc Limited, a well-known and highly regarded indigenous firm of consultants.

The purpose of this conversation was to establish common ground as a means of sustaining Group business and employment, specifically the emotional and physical wellbeing of ANSA McAL’s workers and stakeholders, the continuity of Group business as a means of employment, and the survival of work as a critical pattern in any nation’s social fabric. The Group’s myriad of people-focused interventions were shared along with the stark reality of critical macro-economic indicators. This kicked-off a lively and involved conversation.

The dialogue moved very quickly beyond the needs of the Group to the needs of the nation. The Team examined the principles on which business ought to be conducted, shared values and expectations, and the ways in which they will powerfully proceed.

The team acknowledged that they were all in this together and in, all essentials, shared common ground; they unanimously agreed that this common ground, even beyond Covid19, is best expressed through conversation, collaboration and commitment to creative continuous action. As a combined force, their collective responsibility is to use this initiative to influence respective stakeholders to engage in a process of social and corporate solidarity that serves Trinidad and Tobago’s collective interests.

In the first instance, this means strict compliance with the governmental regulations and protocols that have been established to keep everyone safe – especially social distancing, workplace health protocols, and staying at home (unless one has to purchase or ensure the availability of essential goods and services and, in such instances, all distancing and hygiene protocols must be observed).

All attendees at this seminal unprecedented meeting have committed to transforming the current unprecedented challenge into an unprecedented opportunity to establish a new relationship and a new paradigm, founded on a shared vision, the promotion of initiative and innovation, the development of business opportunities and the respect for workers rights, and the establishment of respectful ways of furthering the blended interests of people and profits.

We are all in this together.


Corporate Communications Department
ANSA McAL Group of Companies
Thursday 02nd April 2020

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