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Winners are Announced at ANSA McAL’S HSE Hand Safety Art and Slogan Competition 2018

From left poster winner Shiva Ganness, from ANSA Automotive stands with CEO of the ANSA McAL Group, Mr. Andrew Sabga, along with Group HR Director, Ms. Teresa White, fellow ANSA Automotive winner, Shelly Charles, Group HSE Manager, Mr. Nixon Gangoo, and Marcus Williams from ABS, who was also a poster winner.

The ANSA McAL Group of Companies was pleased to host its first HSE Hand Safety Art and Slogan Competition 2018.

The contest which was spearheaded by the ANSA McAL HSE Department commenced in July 2018 and was open to all employees of the ANSA McAL Group.
Employees were asked to create a captivating slogan, or an impactful poster focused on encouraging safety in the workplace and reducing hand injuries, ranging from a simple squeeze to broken bones and worst-case amputation of multiple digits to zero.

What started with over 200 entries were then narrowed down to twelve (12) slogan and poster finalists.

The judging panel comprised of the CEO of the ANSA McAL Group, Mr. Andrew Sabga, Group HR Director Ms. Teresa White, Group HSE Manager Nixon Gangoo and special guest judges, Ms. Rhonda Landreth-Smith, Creative Director of Salt Water Studios and Mr. Dennis Ramdeen, Chief Inspirer of Pepper Advertising Ltd.

Slogan winners were Jason A. Wright of ABS, Geoffery Inglefield and Gowrie Lalla of ANSA Automotive who were all awarded Standard Distributors Ltd gift vouchers.

Shiva Ganness from ANSA Automotive, Marcus Williams from ABS Met Pro and Shelly Charles from ANSA Automotive emerged as the winners of the poster competition and were each awarded a 60” Westinghouse flat screen television courtesy of Standard Distributors.


Corporate Communications Deparment
ANSA McAL Group of Companies
Monday 10th December 2018

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