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Abel Building Solutions (ABS) is a “one-stop shop” where customers can source many of their building needs, from flooring to roofing and everything in between. In addition to providing a wide range of building products, ABS also works to guide its clients through the entire building process by using the expertise of its in-house team of engineers, draughtsmen, technicians, and leveraging its relationships and networks within the ANSA McAL Group, for the benefit of its clients.

ABS is comprised of four divisions – ABEL Clay, Bestcrete, Metpro, AC and Engineered Systems. These divisions offer complimentary building products and provide synergies and services that set us apart from the competition. All ABEL, Bestcrete and Metpro products are locally manufactured to internationally accepted standards, with all the divisions being ISO 9000-2008 certified.

ABS employees play an integral role in ABS growth and development by practicing good safety habits, innovation, integrity and accountability as described in our Core Values. Through embodiment of our core values we believe ABS will be a strong driving force behind realizing our vision and fulfilling our mission to be the leading regional supplier of superior building solutions.

ABEL is the largest manufacturer of clay building blocks and for over 60 years has been at the forefront of the building material industry, earning a reputation for quality, variety and innovation. In 2013, ABEL entered a new era with the commissioning of the largest, state of the art clay factory in the Caribbean representing the single largest investment in the construction sector.

Over the past 50 years, Bestcrete’s name has become synonymous with the concrete block. Bestcrete’s commitment to producing the highest quality concrete products has made its brand the proven standard in the regional building industry.

In 2005, the air conditioning division of the ANSA McAL Group was brought under the ABS umbrella. It provides a full range of air conditioning equipment and services to the commercial and residential market locally and regionally. As the authorized dealer for Carrier equipment in this market, ABEL represents the oldest and most respected air conditioning brand in the world.

In 2007, ABEL Air Conditioning Division expanded its product line by introducing the Katashi range of air conditioners and Carrier Generators to its product mix. Additionally, in 2013 the Air Condition and Engineered Systems division added yet another big brand in the business – Big Ass Fans (BAF), designer fans which are geared towards Commercial and/or Industrial buildings.

In 2012 ABS ventured into a new line of technology by partnering with ThyssenKrupp to enter the “vertical transportation” segment. Installing 4-car lifts in BMW and Jaguar and also refitting and installing three new ThyssenKrupp elevators in the TATIL Building. ThyssenKrupp originated in Germany and is the number one Elevator brand in the US market.

Between 2003 and 2015, ABS has completed a number of projects using Curtain Wall and Aluminum Composite Panel Systems. Some of these include ANSA Auto, Nicholas Towers, Government Campus Plaza, MTEST, South Park and the new C3 mall.

Products and Services
Building Blocks, Roofing Tiles
Building Blocks, Decorative and Grille Blocks, Interlocking and Grass Pavers, Omnia Flooring System, Allan Block Landscaping and Retaining Wall System
Aluminium Windows, Arches and Doors, Steel Windows, Arches and Doors, Vinyl Windows, Arches and Doors
Air Condition and HVAC Systems
Residential and Commercial Air Condition Units – Katashi & Carrier
Engineered Systems
Curtain Wall, Composite Panels, Shop Front, Commercial Entrance Doors, Elevators and Industrial/ Commercial Fans


Comprehensive services included but not limited to Consultancy, Project Management, and Installation.

Top Brands
  • ABEL is the largest manufacturer of clay building blocks and for over 60 years has been at the forefront of the building material industry earning a reputation for quality, variety and innovation. ABEL has commissioned the largest, state of the art, clay factory in the Caribbean.

  • Over the past 50 years, Bestcrete’s name has become synonymous with the concrete block. Bestcrete’s commitment to producing the highest quality concrete products has made its brand the proven standard in the regional building industry.

  • Metpro’s steel, aluminium, and uPVC windows and doors are the most popular in the English-speaking Caribbean. Metpro’s wide selection of windows, some of which carry the only warranty in the market, is superior in both quality material and function. From sturdy steel to durable aluminium and elegant uPVC, Metpro windows are the most sought-after in the industry.

  • Carrier is the world leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Carrier has of a history of over 100 years of proven innovation and its products and services are trusted in every corner of the world.

  • Katashi Air Conditioning Units offer a slim, aesthetically pleasing design, coordinating unobtrusively with any interior. Katashi is quiet and efficiently fulfills all cooling requirements.

  • ABS was appointed the sole authorised distributor for Big Ass Fans – the pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of high-volume, low-speed fans. Big Ass Fans are suited for a wide range of applications from industrial, commercial and entertainment to residential use. Big Ass Fans are suitable for any purpose – gyms, factories, outdoor events, conferences, and shows.

  • Haiku fans are ideal for rooms of any size, including office and retail space, foyers, patios and dining areas. Made of sustainably harvested Moso bamboo, durable matrix composite or aircraft-grade aluminum, Haiku fans deliver silent air circulation with award-winning style.

  • Savaria designs, engineers and manufactures products to help people gain personal mobility. From elevators – ranging from basic to luxurious, for homes and commercial applications – to a complete range of accessibility lifts for residential, commercial and even vehicular use, Savaria products are made to help people move better and easier.

  • The world-renowned brand, ThyssenKrupp (TKE) delivers the latest in technology and design in “lift transportation systems”. TKE has been providing advanced transportation systems to the global market for over 75 years. With an extensive product line engineered to meet the challenges of today’s modern building, ThyssenKrupp elevators, together with ABS, will undoubtedly reach greater heights.

    Our distribution channel for the retail trade comprises of a number of Product Centres which is shared with our sister company, ANSA Coatings Limited. Here the entire range of products are displayed and customers can access expert advice from our staff. Presently there are five Centres spread throughout Trinidad and Tobago, to ensure easy access. – Mt. Hope, Port of Spain, San Fernando, Arouca and Chaguanas


ABEL Building Solutions
Head Office: Building #2 Maingot Street, Mt. Hope, Trinidad, W.I.
Tel: (868) 665-2235 Ext. 3102/3103
Fax: (868) 222-1116

Depot Road, Longdenville, Chaguanas, Trinidad.
Tel: (868)665-2235 Ext 1307 / 1308
Fax: (868) 672-4309

Bestcrete Factory, Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arouca, Trinidad.
Tel: (868) 665-2235 Ext. 2116 /2117 / 2118 / 2119

72A South Quay, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Tel: (868) 665-2235 Ext. 1316

Hardware & Oilfield Ltd. Compound, 40 Cipero Road, Cross Crossing, San Fernando, Trinidad.
Tel: (868) 665-2235 Ext. 1315

Tobago Marketing Company (TOMCO), Highmoor, Plymouth Road, Scarborough.


Craig LaCroix – Managing Director
Michael Daniel – Chief Financial Officer
Athena Garcia – Sales and Marketing Executive
Christopher Penjilla – Operations Manager, ABEL

Tel: (868) 665-2235 Ext. 1317
Fax: (868) 639-3624

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