CARIB Glassworks

Carib Glassworks Ltd. (CGL) is the sole manufacturer of glass packaging in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Located in Trinidad & Tobago, the company is a world-class producer of standard and customised glass packaging of bottles, jars and containers for the soft drink, alcohol, beer, food processing and chemical industries, meeting International Quality and Environmental standards. CGL exports throughout the Caribbean and the USA.

The company’s manufacturing facility is modern, with state-of-the-art design and testing facilities, quality raw material sourcing and advanced production capabilities. Customer focused, CGL works with customers to bring product to market providing development and design services. When manufacturing new bottles and using up to 40% of recycled glass, CGL saves energy, natural resources and is environmentally responsible.

In addition CGL is also the only glass recycler in the Caribbean. By using up to 40% of recycled glass when manufacturing new bottles CGL saves energy, natural resources and practices being environmentally responsible.

CGL uses broken glass or cullet which is usually added to other raw materials to facilitate the creation of new glass bottles.

Regionally, CGL has supported recyclers by purchasing and consuming all their used glass. CGL have the capacity to consume in excess of 100 container loads of cullet per day.

Locally, CGL has strategically allocated a large quantity of recycling bins and barrels across Trinidad and Tobago for the convenience of various communities. CGL continuously pursues new opportunities to increase its quantities of glass collected.

CGL only accepts food and beverage containers or any form of used glass from beer and wine bottles, jars, etc. This initiative greatly reduces waste and overall environmental pollution while conserving natural resources such as sand and limestone.

CGL has recently initiated in a national recycling programme branded “Glass Works”. The programme is geared to encourage the use of glass packaging as there are many benefits when using glass. Also to raise awareness on importance of recycling glass.


Address: Eastern Main Road, Champ Fleurs, Trinidad.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1287, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Phone: +1 (868) 662-2231/7
Fax: +1 (868) 663-1779

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