Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of ANSA McAL (“the Board”) are dedicated to upholding good corporate governance in order to deliver sustained growth and improve shareholder value while making a positive contribution to society. Fostering an environment of trust and accountability is an important cornerstone of the Group’s Corporate Governance Framework.

The role and responsibilities of the ANSA McAL Board of Directors are clearly stated in the Board’s Charter. The Board has delegated to the Group Chief Executive Officer the general management, supervision and control of the business and general affairs of the Group, including the execution of Board directives and resolutions. The Board also delegates to the Group Chief Executive Officer the implementation of the Company’s overall Corporate strategy as approved by the Board.

There following sub-committees of the Board have been established to assist the Board in carrying out its duties more effectively:

  1. The Governance Nominating and Remuneration Committee (“GNRC”) is responsible for ensuring that the Group maintains and implements an effective and up to date Corporate Governance Framework and oversees Board and Executive remuneration in accordance with the Company’s policy objectives. The GNRC’s Charter contains full details of the Committee’s responsibilities.
  2. The Audit Committee is responsible for the oversight of the Group’s financial reporting process, the system of internal control over financial reporting, the audit process, risk policies and procedures and the Group’s process for monitoring compliance with Laws and Regulations. The Audit Committee’s Charter contains full details of the Committee’s responsibilities.

We believe that at the heart of exceptional performance lies a culture of strong ethics. The Group’s Code of Ethics and Conduct sets out the way we do business and all directors and employees of the Group are bound by this Code. The Code is underpinned by our strong SPEAKOUT and Non-Retaliation policies as well as ANSA McAL’s Core Values: Employee Centered, Customer Excellence, Creativity and Innovation, Social Responsibility, Respect and Trust.

Our governance structure today, is the strongest it has been in the Group’s history. As we navigate the future, good governance, strong ethics and Integrity will continue to be key facets of the ANSA McAL philosophy.