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ANSA Coatings official laments: Foreign paint for local projects

ANSA Coatings

One of the country’s leading paint manufacturers is appealing to Government to use more local paints and raw material on state projects.

Sean De Souza, sales and marketing manager at Ansa Coatings Limited said there has been a noticeable change of policy in the last two years, with a US manufacturer supplying paints for major government projects.

“We always enjoy competition but there has been a noticeable change in policy within the last two years. Look at local Government projects such as the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), national security, Children’s Hospital Couva and the Oropune Project for housing. This is from a US manufacturer of coatings. This would have been equivalent of Penta Paints going into the United States and being selected to paint the White House and another US government projects,” he said on Thursday evening in an address at the opening of a new Penta Colour Studio in Arima..

De Souza said the local market continues to be dynamic and competitively fierce but Ansa Coatings Limited continues to the leader in the light industrial sector.

“Today you can access any brand with the swipe of a card and you can even get paint in a chubby pack size if you so desire,” he said. The new Penta Colour Studio specialises in mixed paints, steel/aluminum doors and windows, blocks, concrete and grass pavers, air condition units among other products. De Souza said the company had one of its best years in 2014 and continues to expand in 2015.

“We are investing in and expanding our Penta Colour Studios. We have made a commitment to quality products and we continue to deliver to our consumers.”

Roger Roach, managing director of Ansa Coatings Limited said the company is using the franchise business model to expand.

“We select dynamic entrepreneurs with passion and energy who are eager to learn the best and take calculated risks. In our industry this has proven to be a recipe for success which is sustained by civility, integrity, creativity and a love for the world of colour and construction,” he said.

Roach said no other foreign or local brand give the same experience as the new Penta Colour Studios.

He added: “As a good corporate citizen, we will continue to support and invest in the Borough and wider constituency of Arima.”

Taken from: Trinidad Guardian
Story by: Rapheal John-Lall
Date: Saturday 13th June, 2015
Page: A15, Business

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