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ANSA McAL celebrates Independence ‘With Boundless Faith’




The ANSA McAL group of companies announced yesterday that it had launched several initiatives to commemorate Trinidad & Tobago’s 50th anniversary of Independence. Themed “With Boundless Faith,” the Group’s celebrations will incorporate the following:

National flags

The group said that each of its 5,000 employees will receive national flags to display in their homes as a symbol of national pride. In a statement yesterday, ANSA McAL said: “To ensure that the proper respect and the due protocol are followed with our country’s flag, an etiquette sheet, with a proper description of the rules for the flag’s display and use will also be distributed to staff. It is our hope that in the way that flags sometime do, these 5,000 flags will speak for us and to us, as a reminder of our solemn pledges and aspirations made 50 years ago.”

The group said that it plans to publish an Independence message to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago in all three daily newspapers. Entitled “With Boundless Faith” the message speaks of the significance and value of Independence. It also calls on all citizens to continue to showcase pride in their nation and to live true to the words of our national anthem “every creed and race finds an equal place.”

Time capsule

There are also plans by the conglomerate to unveil and seal a commemorative time capsule, called the ‘ANSA McAL Time Capsule: 2012– 2062,’ August 18 at 8.30 a.m. on the grounds of the TATIL Building. A list of specially selected nationals, who have made an impact on the development of T&T will be asked to write answers to the question: “What are your hopes and aspirations for Trinidad and Tobago in the next 50 years?”

The list includes athletes, educators, former government officials, global ambassadors, scholarship winners, students, representatives from religious organisations and cultural icons. The complete list of contributors will be revealed at the unveiling.

Special Brunch

After the sealing of the ANSA McAL Time Capsule: 2012-2062 all contributors to the time capsule, executives and specially invited guests will be invited to an Independence Brunch at the same venue. The entire event inclusive of the sealing of the Time Capsule will commence at 8.30 am and end at 11 am.

Independence Decorations

The statement also said: “The TATIL Building has always been an outstanding building in our capital city of Port of Spain. In a special display of national pride, the iconic building will be adorned with our national colors, red, white and black. Flags, banners, streamers and distinctive images representing our nation will dress the eleven storey building, in what promises to be an attractive site.

“Incorporated into the special décor will be the Group’s signature 50th Anniversary of Independence logo. This logo will also be on display at Group’s subsidiaries across the nation. “The logo is a representation of our nation’s development and diversification.

We chose the humming bird because of its historic symbolism of courage and bravery. “This stylised rendering of the hummingbird in flight signifies the freedom that Trinidad and Tobago achieved through our Independence and the forwardthinking principles upon which our nation’s development has been built over the past 50 years. The hummingbird’s outstretched wings allude to the fact that we are a warm people filled with love and joy, echoing the sentiments of our national anthem “…here every creed and race find an equal place…

“The ‘open embrace’ of the wings also speaks to ANSA McAL’s role as a corporate entity, protecting the interests of its employees, customers and the people of Trinidad & Tobago.

The font used is clean and bold, reflecting our strength and resolve as a young nation. Our national colors complete the logo design as an ode to our National Flag which stills flies proudly today, as it did the first time it was hoisted on August 31, 1962.”


Trinidad Guardian
August 08, 2012



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