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ANSA McAL Corporate Broadcast





Chairman on the Move Campaign [ COTM]

ANSA McAL will be embarking on a number of internal Corporate Campaigns designed to enhance the connectivity amongst the Group’s various Subsidiaries. Our last Broadcast highlighted the ‘In the Bag’ campaign, which carries a dual message of encouragement to keep the momentum going in our collective efforts at achieving the V10 mission, as well as doing our part to ‘save the environment’.


Your environmentally friendly shopping bags will be coming your way very soon, as we continue to work together in ‘bagging V10!’



  Chairman on the Move Campaign [ COTM]


Starting very soon, our Chairman and Chief Executive, along with members of his Executive team will begin another Corporate Campaign of visiting each of your subsidiaries with a view to hearing from you!


As this campaign unfolds, the Group Chairman and Chief Executive, will visit with our employees in each of the subsidiaries, meet with Senior Executives, walk the shop floors, and generally get a sense of the everyday operations through ‘your eyes’…..Starting very soon!






 Focus Special Edition – Sport and Family Day 2008


The Special Edition Focus Sport and Family Day is close to completion, and should be ready for distribution by mid-August! We hope you are as excited to receive your copies, as our coordinating team Lisa, Larry and Willow Works were in making this happen!






Founded in 1948 Carib Glassworks Limited [CGL] is a subsidiary of the ANSA McAL Group of companies, and is included in the Manufacturing Sector. CGL’s mission and vision is to produce quality glassware in an efficient and productive operation that meets the expectations of its customers.


With this in mind CGL continues to invest in its plant, equipment and its people. CGL’s new container plant is a clear demonstration of this commitment. The new plant has resulted in CGL having the most modern equipment from furnace operation, through bottle forming, inspection and fully automated palletizing.


Recently, CGL embarked on a Recycling Campaign, ‘Cash for Glass’, with very encouraging results. The CGL campaign has been receiving rave reviews as a Corporate Entity desirous of doing its part in saving the environment. CGL’s Recycling Campaign has been the topic of discussion, commentary, and has underscored the Subsidiary’s movement as being ‘exemplary’ and in keeping with the Global standards of Corporate Social Responsibility.




Epa at a glance


Some time ago we started a conversation around the EPA and its impact on our local and regional business environment. We have since received many requests for a continuation of this feature of the Corporate Broadcast. For the benefit of those who would like to be more au courant with the EPA, let’s start from the top…



The EPA at a Glance…


The Economic Partnership Agreement or EPA is:


  • A reciprocal trade agreement between the Caribbean Group of States of the ACP and the European Community (EC) designed to replace the trade component of the Cotonou Agreement, which was based on no reciprocity.


  • A trade instrument with strong development components.


  • To help CARIFORUM to enjoy a more predictable market access to the EU for its traditional exports. In the process that would help to encourage investment in traditional exports. Expected to provide new business opportunities and scope to export a wider and more buoyant range of products and services thereby increasing employment, labour skills rates of economic growth and sustainable development. Intended to reduce the cost of trading by modernising and improving the region’s processes and procedures associated with importing and exporting. The negotiation of the Agreement was concluded on December 16, 2007.


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