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ANSA McAL Foundation Presents 2006 Scholarships/ Bursaries

Yesterday, the ANSA McAL Foundation presented approximately $140,000 in scholarships/bursaries to the Group employees for their children’s education at its annual presentation ceremony. This is the seventh consecutive year of the Group Scholarships/ Bursaries programme, which was conceptualized by Dr.Anthony N.Sabga in 1999. To date, the Foundation has disbursed approximately 2.1 million dollars ($2.1 milion) from the Scholarship/ Bursaries Programme.

Dr. Anthony N. Sabga,Chairman of the ANSA McAL Foundation
embraces Arlena Beharry, Scholarship/Bursary recipient

The ceremony was held in the ANSA McAL Boardroom, Tatil Building and present were members of the Foundation including Dr.Anthony N. Sabga, Foundation Chairman; Clive Pantin, Foundation Selection Panel member as well as former principal of Fatima College and former Minister of Education; Richard Kokaram, also a member of the Selection Panel and former principal of Hillview College; and Maria Superville- Neilson, Foundation Secretary and Group Public Relations Manager, as well as parents of the scholarship/bursary recipients.

In addressing the children, Dr. Sabga reiterated his commitment to the national education system and in particular the Group’s financial investment in the children of Group employees. He urged the parents present to instill excellent work ethics saying,

 “Encourage your child to be industrious…once they are qualified for positions within the Group, we will employ them…if there are no positions that exactly fit their qualifications, then we can try to find temporary positions…don’t let them stay at home.” 
 Hazel Moonsammy, Executive Assistant- ANSA Merchant Bank / TATIL, recieves Scholarship/Bursary on behalf of her daughter from Dr. Sabga.

Thirty seven (37) bursaries, valued at $1,000 each, were awarded to secondary school students; nine (9), valued at $2,500, were awarded to community college students; and sixteen (16), valued at $5,000, were awarded to university students. These were presented to employees from fourteen (14) Group companies including ANSA Merchant Bank, Trinidad Publishing Company, Carib Brewery and Carib Glassworks, the Tatil Group, Alstons Marketing Company, Penta Paints Caribbean and Crown Industries.

In giving the vote of thanks, executive assistant of ANSA Merchant Bank/ TATIL,  Hazel Moonsammy, whose daughter was granted a university bursary toward her pursuit of a degree in Sociology and Spanish, commended ANSA McAL for its commitment stating that: “…We …are prepared to stand with them (our children) to motivate them to even greater academic excellence which will in the long term both prepare and qualify them to take their place as leaders of the future. Of course that would be in the ANSA McAL Group.”

The ANSA McAL Scholarships/ Bursaries are presented to parents on an annual basis, for a period of up to four years of study.

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