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ANSA McAL Inspires Confidence in Margaret



ANSA McAL inspires confidence in Ms. Margaret George – an ANSA McAL shareholder attending the Group’s Annual General Meeting at TATIL Building on Maraval Road on Tuesday 28th May, 2013. Standing with Ms. George (left) is Dr. Anthony N. Sabga – Chairman Emeritus, ANSA McAL Group of Companies.


“All is not lost as long as ANSA McAL is here”, those are true words spoken by Margaret George, a shareholder for “as long as I can remember”, she humbly quips.

Margaret was sharing her sentiments with the ANSA McAL staff members at the Group’s recently concluded Annual General Meeting at TATIL Headquarters, less than one week ago. Sipping on a CARIB shandy after the AGM, she shared with the team her foray into garment making which started at ANSA House, Queen Street over thirty five years ago.

She still operates W’s Uniform Factory in Arima and like any business operator she keeps her eye on current trends and market conditions.

“There is a level of uncertainty in the air. People are watchful and conservative in their spending habits. Operating a garment business in the times we live is certainly challenging and I have experienced my fair share of ups and downs.

I came to this our AGM because I was determined to be here in spite of the heavy rain. I said to myself, if ANSA McAL can continue to operate and expand in these hard times and still be so successful, then I can do it as well. I have my family and my employees to look after. I feel inspired by the financial results of the Group, so any thoughts of my business closing down has gone out the door. I needed the inspiration, and I found it”, she smiled.

Margaret George was not alone.


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June 05, 2013


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